10 Super Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Pull Off Last-Minute

We get it — it seems like we were just in August, and then all of a sudden, time flew by and Halloweekend is days away. Literally, how did this happen? With midterms right around the corner and fall semester responsibilities piling up, you might just have to resort to a costume that you can make literally an hour before your Halloween party.

Don't worry, we got your back — we've rounded up the easiest Halloween costume ideas for you to try! And all you'll need to do is raid your closet or your roomie's (with permission, of course!)

  1. 1. Cereal killer

    Bonus: You can eat the cereal the next day while nursing your hangover. 

  2. 2. Rosie The Riveter

    Grab your red bandana, denim top, leggings and combat boots.


  3. 3. Easy A

    Wear your fave sexy attire and add a red "A" made from either fabric or paper. Pop on some pearls and sunglasses, and you're Woodchuck Todd-ready.

  4. 4. Breakfast at Tiffany's

    *Note: unfortunately, does not come with a Tiffany's necklace.

  5. 5. Angel or devil

    Time to reuse that old homecoming dress

  6. 6. VSCO girl

    Don't forget your Hydroflask and skskskscrunchies!

  7. 7. Risky Business

    It's a classic for a reason — all you need is a white dress shirt and sunglasses!

  8. 8. Serena & Blair from Gossip Girl

    In honor of the reboot, dress up as the iconic duo with your best schoolgirl pieces.

  9. 9. Sandy from Grease

    Grab that leather jacket from the back of your closet and put it to great use with this classic costume. 

  10. 10. Pennywise & Georgie

    With IT Chapter Two finally out in theaters, what better way to use a raincoat or some red & white paint then by whipping together a character from the movie. Georgie is by far the easiest to pull off with a simple yellow raincoat. Bonus points for creating a paper boat! 

No judgement if you have to pull together a quick, last-minute costume — sometimes, those end up being the best! Tag us in your costume photos at @hercampusstyle