16 Signs You & Your Roommates Are Going to Be Best Friends

No one can fully prepare you to live with a complete stranger for the school year. But, if you get lucky, that complete stranger can become your BFF for life, lasting long after your college days. Can't tell if they're gonna be awesome or awful? If you notice these signs, they're definitely going to go from roommate to soulmate.

1. They sing along to your music


Great music taste is key in a roommate. And who better to have a karaoke sesh with than your roomie?

2. They stay up with you all night to talk about EVERYTHING


Those late-night talks are probably going to be your best memories. Discussions can range from boys to your hometown to the meaning of life.

3. They don't freak out when you break down from stress


Soon enough, the whole world comes crashing down on you! So when you walk into your room and scream into your pillow, you don't want anyone judging you. Hopefully they say "same."

4. They share their snacks with you


The dining hall is closed. You don't have any money for the vending machine. And then the best roommate EVER saves you with their stash of goodies.

5. They're down to meet you at the dining hall whenever


You'll never have to eat alone.

6. But they'll also order in with you


You know, when you're tired of the same cafeteria food? Which is like, every day?

7. They watch the same TV shows as you


What's better than binge-watching together?

8. Seeing their faces brightens up your day


After a long day of adulting, it's nice to see them when you get home.

9. They don't judge your weird habits


How nice is it to have someone not even bat an eye when you reorganize your desk for the 500th time? 

10. They procrastinate with you

Do you wanna get out of bed? Nah, me neither. 

11. They go with you to events so you won't feel alone


This is key, especially in freshman year. The best roomies will get lost with you when you're trying to find your way and sneak out of a back door when stuff gets boring.

12. Their style is similar to yours (if not better)


Not that you're gonna ask for any of their clothes, right?

13. They give you the best advice


After those late-night talks comes the philosophical teachings of your bunk buddy. They may not even have gone through what you did, but they sure do care.

14. They laugh at your favorite memes


Whether it's starter pack memes or Kermit, they get it. 

15. They respect your space


Living with someone else may or may not be new to you, but this is so crucial. And you'll love them for it!

16. They love you for you


The best part of all about a roomie turned bestie: They just get you.