15 Signs You're the Goody Two-Shoes of Your Friend Group

No matter how old we get, some of us can’t shake off our tendency to be the well-behaved friend or, to put it more loosely, the goody two-shoes friend. As much as we may get teased for always trying to be proper, sometimes we really can’t help being a stickler for the rules and worry if our friends don’t follow suit.

If you happen to be this kind of person or identify as a former goody two-shoes who has chilled out a bit, we’re sure you’ll relate to these 15 signs you're the do-gooder of your squad.

1. You never really drank until you turned 21

Maybe it was a conscious choice or maybe you didn’t really care about drinking until you were legal, but the idea of underage drinking still managed to freak you out enough to avoid doing so.

2. Even though you may be 21 now, you always watch how much you drink

Someone has to be the responsible friend, right?

3. You don’t like using curse words 

There are definitely nicer ways to express frustration than with the "f" word, just saying.

4. You’re easily approachable because of your resting nice face

You’re that friend who gets asked to take strangers’ pictures or is stopped for directions—and of course, you always oblige.

5. You’ve yet to break the habit of asking your parents for “permission” before doing things

I’m sure Mom still wants to know if you’re going to be out late tonight, right?

6. You feel incredibly guilty about skipping class “just because”

If I’m skipping class, I better be bedridden and puking my guts out.

7. You still worry about doing school assignments the way the teacher wants them

“But what if they don’t want Times New Roman as the font?”

8. You always have to bring a jacket when you go out because it’s what Mom would want

If anything, your friends are jealous of this quirk of yours because long nights inevitably get chilly.

9. You can never manage to be mean to anyone, so you end up talking to a lot of random people

You’re the one talking to the guy no one’s a huge fan of, and you’ll get stuck in a conversation with the old lady next to you on public transportation.

10. When you happen to do something out of character, your friends are extremely proud

Whether it was taking a shot at the bar or putting off that assignment until the last minute, they recognize that these little acts of rebellion are a lot for you and that they need to be celebrated.

11. Other people not seeming to worry or care about things makes you anxious

Do they not understand what consequences are?

12. You always feel like you should be doing something important or productive

Even in your downtime, you wonder if anyone needs help with something or if you have homework you forgot about because you just need to have a sense of everything being in order before you relax.  

13. You’re the one to rein in your friends when they’re getting a little too crazy

Even if they’re just acting a little obnoxious in a public place, you’ll let them know when everyone needs to tone it down. Depending on the situation, this is probably when your friends become a little annoyed by your tendency to be the rule-abiding one.

14. Reading rules, syllabi, instructions, etc. has probably saved you multiple times

In turn, you’ve saved your friends too because you always remind them about that obscure assignment requirement, so everybody wins.

15. If you’ve grown out of the goody two-shoes phase, your friends still remind you of how straight-laced you used to be

You’re probably the butt of a lot of “Remember when…” jokes, but do you really mind these throwbacks to your old ways?