11 Weird Things All Roommates Do

Being pantsless, stuffing our faces and just generally acting ridiculous are things that we all love to do in the privacy of our own homes. So it's essential that when you have a roommate, she doesn't judge you - and she'll even join in. Keep reading for a list of all the weird yet sort of endearing stuff you and your roommate(s) do together. Deny all you want, but you know it's true!

1. Lying on the couch together in comfortable silence for three hours.

Sometimes it's just nice knowing she's there.

2. Checking yourself out in each other's mirrors before you go out.

"Your mirror makes my legs look like Christmas trees" -direct quote from writer's roommate

3. Dancing spontaneously in the living room to any and everything.

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4. Belting songs together in beautiful harmony because you do it so often.

Vanessa Carlton, is that you?

5. Wearing the official apartment uniform of an oversized T-shirt, no pants and a towel turban.

Pants are irrelevant.

6. Yelling at the TV screen in unison when catching up on your favorite shows.

"TURN AROUND! Twisty's right behind you!!"

7. Crying over fitness Instagrams as you’re both opening a jar of Nutella and popping kettle corn.

Hazelnuts and corn... that counts as clean eating, right?

8. Texting each other from your respective beds cause you're too lazy to walk to each other's rooms.

"I love you, just not enough to brave life without my comforter."

9. Ordering each other food without asking because you already know each other's favorite order at every restaurant in your college town.

Tofu pad thai with no bean sprouts and an extra side of peanut sauce? I got you, girl.

10. Peeing with the door open.

The effort required to close a bathroom door is somewhat unreasonable. Plus, the best apartments always have a strict open-door-policy.

11. Exchanging gross personal stories with not a filter in sight.

How can your roommate relationship be real if you never told her about the time you peed your pants while simultaneously throwing up at Disneyland?