I Ate Like Charli D'Amelio for a Day, & It Was Ultimate TikTok Culture

What does the most-followed TikToker eat to keep herself fueled so that she can make viral dancing videos all day?

That too, has been a question on mind, so I decided to do some research and find out for myself. After searching through multiple blogs across the internet and videos other TikTokers recorded of themselves eating like the Gen Z star, I felt inspired to try the “Charli D’Amelio Diet” for a day.

Like everyone else, Charli does not consume the same meals on a daily basis. But for this experiment specifically, I used the guide I found on a website called Health Yogi, which has celebrity diet and workout plans that you can reference if you want to try out this challenge yourself.

Though I could not follow this guide to a tee, based on my own personal dietary restrictions and accessibility to certain items, I was still super pumped to see how I felt eating similar foods to Charli for a whole day. Would her meals taste good? How would they make me feel? Let’s find out!

Breakfast, 10:00 a.m.

Original Photo by Taylor Huang

According to the Health Yogi, Charli typically starts her day off with a bowl of cereal. For anyone who doesn’t know me, cereal is my personal favorite snack/dessert, and I honestly prefer eating it that way over than in the morning, for when it’s intended to be eaten. 

However, on this particular day, I actually didn’t have any cereal on hand – but I did have a ton of pumpkin granola. I just added some of that, along with plant-based milk (after the granola, of course, because I’m not a monster), and I had a satisfying, tasty breakfast!

Obviously, this substitution probably doesn’t carry all the sugar from the assumed, generic, store-bought cereal that Charli consumes, but it still gave me the energy to start my day. I rate this meal a 8/10, because it's super basic, but always a classic.

Lunch, 1:00 p.m.

Original Photo by Taylor Huang

Again, I could not replicate Charli’s exact meal here (which was spaghetti) but I was able to get my hands on some gluten free penne with marinara sauce. I am a big pasta lover, so I was also excited for this meal.

I’m sure everyone reading this has tried pasta with marinara sauce, so I don’t really need to explain how delicious this was. Carbs always equal happiness in my heart.

Snacks (throughout the afternoon)

Original Photo by Taylor Huang

I love hummus with any type of veggie. On this particular day, I didn’t have any carrots, but I was able to chop up some celery for this challenge. I then added some hummus from Trader Joe’s on the side, and voilà I had my snack for the day. 

This was super light and refreshing after the bowl of pasta I had earlier for lunch, and held me over until dinner. 

Original Photo by Taylor Huang

Now, I can’t really say I ate like Charli D’Amelio (or any other Gen Z star) without getting some iced coffee!

I couldn’t get Charli’s new famous signature drink from Dunkin’ Donuts (I don’t do dairy), but I was able to stop by my local Dunkin’ and pick up a cold brew with almond milk. It's basically the same drink without the whole milk and the caramel syrup (and a vegan and lower-calorie alternative, if you’re interested that stuff).

Yhis cold brew kept me wired for the whole night. So if you took one thing from this experiement, get your cold brew from Dunkin’ and if you’re feeling spicy, get “The Charli” which I’m sure is just as strong as the original.

Dinner, 7:00 p.m.

Original Photo by Taylor Huang

I am a vegetarian, and therefore, was unable to mimic Charli’s exact dinner plate, which consisted of a hamburger with french fries. So instead, I subbed out the McDonald’s hamburger and replaced it with a veggie burger. I also did not have french fries for this part, but was able to obtain hash browns, which I deemed close enough to the original.

Again, this was super filling and tasty, and I enjoyed this meal a lot. It was a great ending to a day filled with good eats.

My final thoughts

All these meals kept me full and satisfied throughout the day, but weren’t anything crazy, as you can tell.

Due to my dietary restrictions, I did have to make a couple adjustments to the original recipes, but I still found them to be just right as a semi-active, 19-year-old college student. Obviously, being someone who is pretty close to Charli’s age and works out everyday, a lot of the portions were sized appropriately, but feel free to decrease or increase your servings based on your own body.

Either way, my conclusion from this experiment was that although I felt fueled with lots of energy throughout the day (or maybe that was just the doings of the Dunkin’ Cold Brew), I still have the inability to learn dozens of TikTok dances in one day, nor will I ever be able to fly through “Savage” like she can.

Thus, I do say with disappointment that eating like a famous TikToker, will not give you their moves.