Are College Women Actually Happy With Their Bodies?

This post shares results from our Complete College Life Survey Series where we collected over 10,000 responses from women at 300+ colleges.  Check out even more of the results here.

With the harmful body standards in our society, it sadly comes as no surprise that college women don’t have the most positive body image. A third of college women are unhappy with their current weight, and just under a fourth of college women report having never been happy with their weight.  61% of college women have been on a diet at some point, with most having gone on their first diet while still in high school at age 13-16.  11% have even resorted to trying questionable diet aids to help them lose weight. 

Concerningly, over 40% of college women feel they have exhibited behavior of an eating disorder at some point, with 8% having been officially diagnosed with one.

Infographic by Erica Maybaum

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