BUY IT NOW OR CRY LATER: Lipstick, Lizzie McGuire, & More Cozy Essentials

March is upon us, and now is the perfect time for a spring semester refresh! As part of our Buy It Now Or Cry Later series, we’re sharing our top products with you, from beauty and self-care items to our favorite study snacks. Whether you want to boost your workout routine, dedicate more time to wellness, or find the perfect lip balm for your back-to-back video calls, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what our editors are loving this month:

  1. I’m obsessed with The Outrage and their activism-inspired apparel and accessories. I especially love that the proceeds benefit good causes like women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, environmental justice, and more! This tank top inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the perfect reminder to stay strong whether you’re crushing your workout or the patriarchy. -Tianna

    The Outrage, $32; shop now

  2. I’m going to say something that might upset a few people: I wash my hair every single day. Because of this, I’m pretty particular about the hair products that I use. This shampoo is simply the best for three reasons: it smells delicious, it cleans but doesn’t dry out your hair, and it’s available at Ulta so you can get points for your purchase. -Maddie

    Ulta Beauty, $28; shop now

  3. These masks are so pretty with the perfect beaded detail, plus they make us feel like spring is here! And yes, we are embracing the tie-dye trend again this year, thank you for asking. If all of your masks are now misshapen and stained with foundation, this set is a nice, fresh upgrade to your maskdrobe. -Stephanie

    Bloomingdales, $19.60; shop now

  4. Sadly, I didn’t really treat myself this month, but when I saw this dip-dye-looking vinyl version of The Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack, I obviously jumped on it faster than Lizzie jumped on Paolo’s Vespa. THIS. This right here is what dreams are made of. -Sammi

    Urban Outfitters, $29.98; shop now

  5. 5. Tax prep support

    Presented by Her Campus x H&R Block

    Tax season is quickly approaching, so I'm getting ahead of things by making a plan for how I'm filing this year. If you have a simple return, it's actually free on H&R Block. You can file online or with one of their tax pros. If you want to take the stress out of tax season this year, see what plan works for you here-Madeleine

    H&R Block, free; shop now

  6. I have such a sweet tooth, especially when the mid-day slump hits. I’ve been loving these new chewy mini wafels with just 2g of sugar and 70 calories per serving. They’re available on Instacart and at Costco, which means you can really stock up on this better-for-you snack. -Madeleine

    Instacart, $12.49 for a 32-pack; shop now

  7. Few things make me happier than lipstick, nourishing lip balm, and a vibrant lip stain all in one. This LIPSTIKK from FLEKK Cosmetics glides on smoothly with a hint of shine, plus it’s super moisturizing, which I desperately need. My favorite shade is #LOVE — it’s a deep, sophisticated red, but doesn’t look too overdone. -Tianna

    FLEKK Cosmetics, $19.99; shop now

  8. In honor of World Sleep Day coming up on March 19th, I’ve been doing everything I can to enhance my sleep experience. You’ve heard of weighted blankets, but I’m going to do you one better: meet this weighted sleep mask. This mask is an absolute must if you want to wake up feeling rested. It fits comfortably across the eyes, isn’t too heavy on the nose, and is so dang soft. 10/10 could not recommend more. -Maddie

    Gravity Blankets, $40; shop now

  9. Just as much as I love sweets, I love a good workout. I’ve been using Amanda Kloots' subscription series for a whole year now, and it has totally changed the way I feel about toning and cardio workouts. Whether you have 10 minutes or 45 minutes, there’s a workout for you. -Madeleine

    Amanda Kloots, $19.99/month after 7-day free trial; shop now

  10. This towel warmer is a bit of a splurge at $139.99 but looks genuinely ~aesthetic~ in your bathroom, and couldn’t we all use a warm and toasty towel-and-pajama combo after our showers these days? Literally, this is something that will make you happy every single day. -Stephanie

    Amazon, $139.99; shop now

TBH, we can’t believe March is already here. With springtime in full swing, these fun products will help you feel confident and ready to face the busy semester with ease. Try out some of our top picks, let us know what you’re loving, and stay tuned for our favorite essentials next month! 


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