Behind the Feed: InfluenceHer Collective's Style Influencer of the Year, Kristen Bousquet

Kristen Bousquet is a millennial content creator currently killing it in Charlotte, NC, where she relocated from New York City after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology. The 26-year-old founded her own clothing and accessory brand, The Fem Em, as well as Your Soulcialmate, a media and beauty business which coaches rising influencers in social management and growing their personal brand, in addition to running her own blog and vlog. So what's the day-to-day like for a major hustler like Kristen, and between all of her platforms – including Instagram and TikTok – how does she stay on top of her original and engaging content?

Courtesy of Kristen Bousquet

Her Campus: Tell us about your site/platform, and why you launched it.

Kristen Bousquet: I started off my Instagram page years ago, just posting about things that were happening in my life. It wasn't until I started to post about fashion that I realized that there could be something there. I started to take it more seriously, and used it as a creative outlet and to share style inspiration and tips. More recently, I started to share more about career and entrepreneurship, and that's been a hot topic for my audience, too.

HC: What do you hope your followers get out of following you?

KB: First of all, I hope they see me as a friend. Aside from that, I'm always looking to inspire creativity and happiness, but also to help other female entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses.

HC: What does your week currently entail? Is there such a thing as a typical day?

KB: There's definitely no typical day, ha! Usually, my days consist of a mixture of preparing for and creating content, working with clients on their social media strategies, pitching to brands, and speaking with potential new clients. Or sometimes, I spend the morning answering emails, then take a day to run errands then relax!

HC: What's the best and worst part about being an influencer?

KB: The best part is definitely the community that I've been able to be a part of. I've met some of my best friends via Instagram — online and in-person. The worst is definitely how easy it is to tear yourself apart when the algorithm isn't going your way. 

HC: What advice would you give to a college woman with similar aspirations?

KB: It's hard not to beat yourself up when posts don't perform well or you're not able to create a post the way you pictured in your head, but you just have to remind yourself of your why, and all the positive things.

HC: Is running your platforms your full time job or a side hustle? Why did you make that decision?

KB: Right now, it's my full-time job. I work on my own Instagram as well as the Instagram for both of my brands (@yoursoulcialmate and @thefemem). Plus, I also manage social media platforms for multiple clients. I was sick of working for people who didn't appreciate me and the work that I was doing for them. If you know your worth, and you're not getting that, stop settling.

HC: Who are your favorite people to follow?

KB: Tough question — there are so many great people that I follow!, @hmgphoto and@hazelmaven are just a few. I really love to follow photographers, other content creators and beauty enthusiasts for my inspiration!

HC: How has being an influencer affected your friendships and relationships?

KB: To be honest, I think a lot of my friends who aren't in the Instagram world think I'm weird, or obsessed with myself because I'm always taking photos for my Instagram, but I always try to remind them that it's my job.

HC: What has been the most surreal thing that’s happened to you as an influencer? 

KB: Honestly, winning Style InfluenceHer of the Year from InfluenceHer Collective was HUGE for me. It's crazy because I'm just a typical girl and for people to nominate and then vote for ME of all people is so special. It's a weird feeling, but it's really awesome.

HC: What are your three favorite tools for content creation?

KB: I'm obsessed with my Dop — it holds your photo via your Popsocket and suctions onto surfaces so you can record hands-free. Second, I really love my Sony ZV-1 and the Vlogger Kit for recording video. Third, the InShot app. It's a MUST if you're ever editing videos/Reels/TikToks.

HC: What does the future of influencing look like for you? What's next for you personally?

KB: I'll always love influencing and sharing my content with others, but I'd love to start creating more personal content and looks into my life rather than just a pretty outfit. I'm also working more with brands for content creation vs. sponsored posts, which I'm very excited about since I have a photography background.


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