Back to School Shopping Guide for the Student That's Always Involved

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

As a collegiette that’s always involved, you’re familiar with feeling connected to your school community, bouncing from one event to another and participating in activities that fuel your passions. However great all that is, you’re also much busier than most, which means you need gear that can help you stay organized in your active lifestyle! Whether you’re enjoying a weekend getaway with your sorority sisters or balancing three extracurricular meetings in a row, these essentials from Moleskine are our top recommendation for helping you stay efficient this year.

1. Smart Writing Set 

Taking notes for class can feel so tedious, especially when you’re sharing them between friends and trying to stay organized for studying later. That’s why we’re so excited about the Moleskine Smart Writing Set, because it’s truly revolutionary. Complete with the Moleskine Paper Tablet, Pen+ and companion app, you can transfer your notes on a page to the digital screen. Say goodbye to long nights spent retyping your notes on your computer, because this set transcribes handwritten pages right into a Word doc. It can also record sound with the pen in case you just want to write notes later. What are you waiting for? Girl, get on this!

2. 18-Month Planner

For a collegiette involved as you, you definitely need more than 365 days of space to plan. Normal calendars just don’t cut it at this point! For a planner that’s worthy of your schedule, why not try the Moleskine 18-Month Planner? Penciling in your due dates, study time and weekend adventures just got ~so~ much more efficient.

3. Coloured Notebook 

Whether you’re taking minutes at a meeting or just wanting to jot down some creative thoughts between classes, you need trusted notebook that will carry you through. Instead of picking something drab from the university store, consider a Moleskine Coloured Notebook instead. Honestly, this class essential is at the top of our shopping list, and we love all the colorful options too.

4. Classic Backpack

Long days on campus call for backpack that’s comfy, with tons of pockets and laptop storage space. Not to mention, it would be great to find one that dresses your outfit up instead of down. Our pick for your campus companion is the Moleskine Classic Backpack. Plus, how stylish are these color options?!

5. Limited Edition Denim Notebook 

Besides having the basics in your school supply arsenal, try adding something a bit more high-fashion to your collection. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, one of the limited-edition notebooks by Moleskine will be the cherry on top of this school year. We love this notebook decked out in denim, and are so ready to start filling the pages! However, if denim isn’t for you, Moleskine has a huge variety online Limited Editions too, so you can definitely find the notebook that screams “you.”

6. Journey Hard Pouch 

Since you’re always involved and seeking a new adventure, why not have a pouch that represents that side of your personality?  This Journey Hard Pouch is available in multiple sizes, and depending on which you choose it can hold your tablet, iPhone or even just some credit cards. We think it’s perfect for every type of adventure you’ll encounter in college. Talk about some serious wanderlust vibes!

7. Travel Light 

A busy social and academic life guarantees you’ll definitely be spending some weekends away or staying up to late to complete your homework. That’s why a travel light like this one from Moleskine is a must for the times you’re working late or are not in your dorm. Throw it in your backpack or overnight bag, and it will be so handy to have on hand for late-night study sessions, or turn this on instead of your overhead lamp so you don’t disturb your roomie.

8. Tool Belt 

Saying goodbye to summer and heading back to college means it’s time to give your school supplies a major efficiency update. We recommend upgrading your notebook game and finding something that functions beyond just notetaking and journaling. Something like this Moleskine Tool Belt is perfect for wrapping around the front of your notebook, and helping you carry your classroom essentials. Stick your pens, phone and some cash right in the pockets, and you automatically have a revamped notebook that can keep up with your on the go lifestyle.

It’s clear that whatever you’re juggling, Moleskine has your back. We hope your life can be made a little easier and more efficient with these handy supplies, and that your year will be off to a magnificent start. Happy back to college season, collegiettes!