9 Everyday Must-Haves For a Fab Semester

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With your busy schedule, organizing your life can seem impossible. But with these supplies, staying on top of everything will be a piece of cake! Check out our favorite back-to-school essentials.

1. Student Advantage card

Living on a student budget can be rough, but with a Student Advantage card, you can save tons of money on things like entertainment and transportation. Joining the program is super easy, and one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Now we can afford to splurge on Sunday brunch!

2. Kenneth Cole Puffed Purple Backpack 

We don’t need to tell you that a backpack is a college essential, but functional doesn’t have to mean boring! Carrying your books around campus won’t be a drag anymore with this cool puffed purple backpack by Kenneth Cole available at Office Depot and OfficeMax stores or online at officedepot.com/college!

3. Office Depot brand Stellar Notebook with Spine Guard 

This ridiculously practical notebook features a document pocket, a slot for your student ID and a removable ruler and page flags, so you’ll never forget anything you need for your intensive study session. Plus it comes in six bold colors and three different formats, so there’s one for every collegiette!

4. Vera Bradley RFID Smartphone Wristlet

Do you drop your phone a lot? Us, too. Prevent the cracked screen nightmare with this adorable wristlet ($54 at Vera Bradley) that doubles as a phone case and a card holder, so you’ll never be fumbling for you key card again!

5. Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 Laptop Bundle

Did your old laptop die on you? That could be an issue for the school year. Give this Dell computer a try! You’ll be obsessed with how light and versatile it is — it’s a laptop and a tablet at the same time! Trust us, the tablet feature makes it SO easy when you need to draw a quick diagram during chemistry class! Shop Office Depot and you can get the Dell laptop bundle, which gets you a 15.6” touchscreen, powerful AMD A8 processor, 6GB of memory, 1TB of hard drive space, Microsoft Office 365, McAfee Internet Security and a Microsoft wireless mouse! You can get ALL of this for only $399 (that’s $330 in savings!) through September 20 at Office Depot and OfficeMax stores or online. For qualified devices purchased at their stores beginning August 2, get a free upgrade to Windows 10 installed by a Tech Services Associate — a $49.99 value. Talk about an amazing deal!

6. ban.do Mobile Charger

Speaking of things dying, you love your smart phone, but that thing dies at 4 p.m. most days and it’s a total struggle. Outsmart your phone’s sub-par battery life with this sparkly mobile charger ($35 at ban.do) and you’ll be texting your friends into the night.

7. 808 Canz Bluetooth Speaker


Whether you need that “focus” playlist to get things done or you’re trying to get pumped up for a party, the right sound system can make all the difference. With this super practical Bluetooth speaker, you can play your music anywhere straight from your phone.

8. Sweetheart Minimergency Kit

We’ve all had to deal with blisters and stains at some point, but what do you do if you’re stuck on campus all day? Because imagining everything that could go wrong would be exhausting (and pretty depressing, honestly), Pinch Provisions does it for you! This super cute and teeny kit ($18 at Pinch Provisions) has everything you need when you’re on the go, so you’ll always be prepared for any emergency.

9. Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler With Straw

You’ll save the earth and money when you order your iced coffee in one of these pretty, preppy tumblers ($15 at Lilly Pulitzer). That’s right, most coffee shops offer a small discount when you bring your own container—that’s just one more reason to be eco-conscious!

College doesn’t have to be that stressful—we promise! These cute and practical finds will make your life so much easier. Have a wonderful year, collegiettes!