7 Ways to Reuse Your Empty Wine Bottles

We get it: you love wine.

Whether you prefer whites or reds, we can all agree that throwing away all of those wine bottles at the end of the weekend is sad and wasteful. So, why not put your love of wine to good use and upcycle those bottles into something beautiful instead? 

Here are 7 fun, creative ways you can reuse your empty wine bottles!

1. Flaunt a floral centerpiece 

Spruce up your dorm room or apartment with this gorgeous DIY project! All you need are wine bottles and flowers. You can find the super simple tutorial here.

2. Show off some succulents 

Don't exactly have a green thumb, but still want some green in your life? Succulents barely require any effort (they don't need much sun or water), so they're a perfect choice for a non-gardener. Plant some in your old wine bottles using this tutorial.

3. Brighten up a room 

Looking for a creative way to light up your living space? Upcycle your empty wine bottle to make this twinkly masterpiece! Find out how here.

4. Relax with a little mood lighting

What better way to set the mood for your next date night (or any other relaxed evening you have planned) than with homemade candles? Learn how to make them here.

5. Keep the photo, forget the frame 

Who needs to buy a picture frame to display their favorite photos when you could use an empty wine bottle instead? Show off your favorite memories in a creative new way using this tutorial.

6. Store your stuff in style

You don't need to spend your hard-earned cash on cute storage containers for your things—you can make them yourself using just a wine bottle and some chalk paint! Find out how here.

7. Get new glasses 

What's the best thing you can do with empty wine bottles? Make glasses out of them so you can drink more wine! 

What do you do with your empty wine bottles, collegiettes?