7 Things to Look Forward to Post-Quarantine

By this point, you’ve probably realized quarantining is harder than you ever thought it would be. At first we joked about it. We said we’d finish one show  – and we did. Then we said we’d finish another, and by now, we’ve finished all of Netflix and Hulu. It’s time to get serious, because what’s next? Actually believing we're living one of our favorite shows, just so we can get some kind of action in our lives? 

Now, as far as positive thinking goes, quarantining is actually an excellent time, because we have literally nowhere to go but up. So let’s break down some of the best things to look forward to post-quarantine:


  1. 1. A social life

    Kayla Bacon-Team Building 2

    Once upon a time you had friends that you were able to see in person. You knew their height compared to yours and swapped clothes on the regular. But now? We're all just dreaming of the days when we’ll be able to go to concerts, pool parties, and Sunday brunch with our besties again, instead of Facetiming them or having Zoom meetings.

    Or maybe your ideal social life consists of sharing your current struggles with your favorite salesperson because they just “get you.” Or better yet, you just miss having your work bestie right besides you, or even your work nemesis. Whatever it may be, you’ll have your social life back eventually (hopefully).

  2. 2. Getting back to your regular care routines

    It should go without saying that unless you’re capable of, or live with someone who can cut and touch-up hair, do nails, shape eyebrows, and all of the other works of being a woman, you’re probably having a rough time with your appearance right about now. Not only will you be able to get your hair done, waxed, nails fixed, etc. when the quarantine is over, you can also hit up the gym again instead of doing frustrating at-home workouts.

    You'll also be able to tan at any body of water, even if it’s just your own pool, and there will finally be reasons to dress up again. Going grocery shopping? Put on your best pearls. Hitting up Starbucks? A Michael Kors dress sounds reasonable. 

  3. 3. Improving your social media aesthetic

    a picture of a picture of a woman on a phone, which is tucked into a plant with fairy lights behind it

    There’s nothing bolder than posting on social media without having a certain, shall we say, “aesthetic.” Everyone is their own character, and their social media should represent that. Is fall your favorite season, and do you live in yoga pants? If so, you’ve probably been recently posting Instagram stories talking about your interior design with your hair and makeup done while wearing loungewear, because that’s your aesthetic. Meanwhile “quirky” girls’ quarantine aesthetic consists of posting daily mirror selfies with their tongues sticking out of their mouths like they’re getting their tonsils checked. But once the quarantine is history, everyone can get back to carefully curating their feeds, instead of just ancient beach photos of that one trip in the Bahamas.

  4. 4. Traveling

    Meredith Kress-Snorkel Selfie In Ocean

    What better way to increase those Instagram likes and making up for lost fun time than by traveling to cool places? Or at least traveling outside of your house, period? You’ll probably even be appreciative of that small redneck town 40 minutes away. It’ll be nice to get some fresh air that doesn’t come from an air purifier, and it will help make your Snapchat stories interesting again – no offense to the cute pictures/videos you’ve been posting of your dog.

  5. 5. Real life entertainment

    people crossing intersection new york city times square

    Sometimes it's easy to get pissed at strangers for random reasons, like people in massive crowds who don’t know how to walk, but on the other, you can find so much entertainment just living your everyday life, like stumbling upon a street performer, who can brighten your day with a little show or watching two squirells in the park fighting over a piece of trash. Some day you'll be able to stumble upon those bright moments at random again. 


  6. 6. The little things

    Golden lab smiling

    You know what? Nothing says happiness like getting your favorite wacky ice cream flavor from your neighborhood parlor. You know what else? You probably can’t do that as often as you’d like due to the coronavirus. There’s something oh-so-magical about small things, like going to the movies and getting buttery popcorn, or going into Bath and Body Works just to smell each and every new candle – and the old ones, just ‘cuz. Being able to take your dog to the dog park and see his or her heart filled with joy is another one of those small things that you get to look forward to post-quarantine. You might not realize it now, but the list of tiny things goes on and on and on.

  7. 7. The return of media entertainment

    Hollywood, California photo

    Honestly, I think we can all agree we need this one to happen. The longer the quarantine goes on, the less options we have to watch because we’re binge-watching so much. TV shows have stopped, movies have quit filming and celebrity drama has pretty much come to a halt. How are we to entertain ourselves?? Churn milk?? Play the fiddle?? SOS, people.

We've got a lot to look forward to because, hey, there's not much we can lose at this point, amiright?