5 Black Woman Owned Companies To Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

Gen Z is no stranger to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in the streets, but due to stay at home restrictions, some of us have to show our support from home. One of the most powerful ways that we can show our support is by changing our spending habits. Did you know that while Black women are more likely to be entrepreneurs, consumers are five times more likely to purchase from a white woman’s businesses? This is largely due to lack of awareness and support, so I’ve made it my mission to purchase from the Black boss babes who have some next level products. Keep scrolling to see a few of my faves:

  1. This husband and wife team from Pennsylvania make the most gorgeous concrete and mineral vessels that are harder to get your hands on than a pair of tickets to see Queen Bey…and it’s easy to see why. Their signature geode vessels come in a variety styles and sizes and make the perfect little home for a new air plant or candle. Fun Fact: most of the minerals used in the designs are mined by owners Ray and Val themselves (also a fun fact — they’re not named Tal and Bert!). I may or may not have set ten alarms and just barely snagged a gorgeous aquamarine planter during their last release.

  2. Tea…but make it hip hop. All of the tea, honey and yes, even Trap China are hip hop and pop culture themed. Self-proclaimed “Tea Bae” Shanae is the founder of Ivy’s Tea Co, and she’s on a mission to introduce African holistic herbs into our cups and help us to drink tea like adults. I can personally vouch for the tastiness of her blends (which are sourced from black farmers!). My personal favorite is “Sister, Sister” paired with a spoonful of her “Crime” infused honey.

  3. Quarantine has forced me to embrace my creative side. While I’m not very crafty, I am obsessed with mixing gemstones and wooden beads to make fun essential oil diffuser bracelets for friends and family. My absolute favorite person to source supplies from is Lynette, who owns Beads & Honey. Her beads are next level beautiful and her customer service is unparalleled. I definitely recommend grabbing a few strands of her bayong wood beads, and a strand of my personal favorite Amazonite beads and seeing what you can string together!

  4. Usually deodorant is nothing to get excited about but hear me out…this is the best deodorant that I have ever used and I want everyone to know about it. It was originally created by mom boss, Chantel Powell as a natural solution to her young son’s grown man stink, but it quickly gained popularity with the whole family. All you need is one swipe under each arm, and you’re smelling like fresh essentials instead of that smelly gal on Bike 11 in SoulCycle. My personal favorite is “Suga”, a citrus essential oil blend of lemon, grapefruit and lemongrass.

  5. As an animal lover, I am always looking for vegan swaps for my favorite foods. Enter: Maya’s Cookies. Maya’s cookies are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and won’t have you missing the butter or eggs in “regular” cookies. They come in fun, drool inducing flavors like Chocolate Funfetti, Brown Sugar Butterscotch, and even gluten-free Chocolate Chip S’mores. Though these are baked on the West Coast, Maya ships nationwide so we can all get our fix.

These black woman owned businesses have been so fun to support. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!