The 17 Scariest Moments of a Girl's Life

Sometimes the scariest moments in a girl's life aren't the ones that happen while she's watching a horror film, they're the ones that happen when she's least expecting it. Just reliving some of these may be enough to send you into an adrenaline-filled Nutella binge, so beware! 

1. The moment you look in a mirror and realize you've had something stuck in your teeth since breakfast. 

And you wonder if your friends really care about you at all if they let you walk around this way. 

2. Sending a text to the wrong person. 

Nothing is scarier than realizing you sent a message that says, "I hate Karen so much" to Karen.

3. Dropping your phone into a pedicure bath. 

And your life flashes before your eyes. 

4. Sending a booty-call text to your mother. 

Not a chance she'll let this one go. 

5. Hearing a knock on the door right after you've already taken your bra off for the day. 

Why do bad things happen to good people?

6. Remembering that you're wearing Spanx mid-hook-up. 

There is no sexy way to remove Spanx. 

7. The moment right before you fall over in heels and stumble ungracefully while trying to find your balance.

You can try all you want, but chances are, you're going down. 

8. Waking up from a particularly long nap and forgetting where you are and what time it is.

It's even scarier if you wake up and think that you slept through the night. 

9. Running into an awkward hook-up on campus. 

And you avoid each other like the plague.

10. Being called on in class while you were on Tinder. 

Now they all know what you're up to. 

11. Forgetting the address on your fake ID. 

And now you'll have to wait outside for your friends.

12. Reading your texts from last night. 

Simultaneously informational and incredibly terrifying. 

13. Or having your friends recount your actions. 

And they will laugh at you instead of with you. 

14. Realizing that you have an assignment due at midnight... at 11:45 p.m. 

And you quickly have to come to terms with the fact that your grade is going down the toilet. 

15. The moment you lose your internet connection while taking an online exam. 

Cue the crying and frantically emailing your professor. 

16. Meeting someone for the first time and revealing something you could have only known from stalking him or her on Facebook.

Oh, you're a competitive water-skiing champ, right?

17. Being asked what you're doing after college. 

Why do people think it's okay to ask this?


Pretty horrifying, right?