17 Mistakes Every College Student Has to Make at Least Once

When we make mistakes, we learn a valuable lesson and can warn others to not do as we did. However, there a few mistakes every collegiette must make for herself before she can know better. Here are a few blunders that every collegiette experiences at some time in her college career. 

1. Signing up for an 8 a.m. class on Mondays.

2. Deciding to drink the jungle juice without knowing what's in it. 

3. Getting way too dressed up for a casual party.

4. Getting way too into a theme party when everyone else decided not to dress up. 

5. Ordering an entire pizza for yourself at 2 a.m.

6. Starting a 10-page paper at midnight the night before it’s due.

7. Skipping class to have a Netflix marathon. 

8. Sleeping in too late at a hook-up’s place and doing the walk of shame through a busy campus.

9. Having a very public make-out session. 

10. Forgetting to study for a midterm.

11. Pulling an all-nighter to work on an assignment (or catch up on your TV shows). 

12. Going to a fitness class you thought would be manageable (that turns out to be way too challenging). 

13. Spending a crazy amount of money at a bar.

14. Drinking too much the night before an early class or important commitment. 

15. Pregaming too hard before going out for the night. 

16. Signing up for a free credit card (and subsequently racking up massive debt). 

17. Getting hung up on a crush who simply isn’t worth your time.