16 Things Only People Who Leave Everything Until the Last Minute Understand

While the start of a new year is a great time to create new goals, if you're someone who tends to put off your responsibilities, it's probably safe to say that shit gets old real quick. No matter how hard you try (let's be honest, most of the time it's not that hard), you always seem to find yourself back in the same place. Here are 16 things only the responsibility-deflecting, die-hard procrastinators will understand. 

1. You're always excited about new opportunities to get your shit together

2. When your bad habit becomes harmful to your success, you do everything in your power to make sure it doesn't happen again 

3. You concoct the most elaborate of plans in order to get back on schedule 

4. Despite your efforts, you can't help but revert back to old habits 

5. Making seemingly legitimate but actually bullshit excuses is kind of your thing

6. Your friends have learned by now that "On my way!" really means "Still in bed"

7. You have at least three different alarms in the morning to ensure that you eventually get out of bed 

8. You have mastered the art of staying up all night to finish something you should've had done a long time ago 

9. You've also perfected the art of rolling out of bed and going straight to class or work 

10. You've probably felt a great deal of anxiety about all the things you have to do 

11. Which is ultimately worsened by your compulsion to act as if they don't exist 

12. Your procrastination methods have gotten really creative over the years 

13. You could have literally minutes to spare before a responsibility needs to be completed and somehow you still find time to procrastinate

14. You're pretty good at talking your way through homework you totally ignored and didn't do 

15. When you do make moves to get ahead, you're a little over indulgent with rewarding yourself

16. Nothing comforts you more than knowing someone else is in the same struggle boat 

New year, new us, fam.