15 Song Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Your Period

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Let’s be real: having your period can be rough, and sometimes you just want to know that someone knows what you’re going through and understands your pain. There's the cramps, the grumpiness, the going broke for tampons (which is actually totally avoidable with The DivaCup) and the eating everything in sight. Though these songs may not have originally been written to describe our time of the month and all its perils, they really seem to get us. Read on for a “PMS playlist” of songs that perfectly describe your period.

1. When you’re PMSing and you just want to start arguments with everybody.

You can be a bit of a handful.

2. When you’ve been trying to eat healthy, but all you’re craving is ice cream.

Screw this Whole30 Challenge—you need a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, stat!

3. When the mood swings happen.

You should really just warn people not to mess with you for a few days.

4. When you wish you could just nap the day away.

Do not disturb.

5. When someone makes a joke about “your time of the month”.

Not. Funny.

6. When you try to fall asleep, but those painful cramps keep you up.

You need your beauty rest!

7. When you start to break out.

Concealer is your best friend.

8. When you have to cancel a romantic night with your SO because the cramps are just too bad.

It always happens at the most inconvenient times.

9. When you feel bloated in every outfit you try on.

T-shirt and yoga pants it is.

10. When you forget to bring a tampon or pad out with you, and you can’t do anything until you find one.

You’d better hope your BFF has one on her.

11. When you get hot flashes.

Hot damn!

12. When out of no where, after a few pain-free hours, you suddenly get cripplingly painful cramps.

They came in like a wreeeeecking baaaaaaaall.

13. When you accidentally bleed through your clothing.

Look what you’ve done, period.

14. When all you want to do is cry.

Is it over yet?

15. When you realize how much easier your period can be with The DivaCup.

When we discovered the eco-friendly alternative to tampons, we thought our period woes were cured forever. No need for tampons or pads? No need to worry about bleeding through your clothes, since The DivaCup offers 12 hours of leak-free protection? A chance to save all the money we usually spend on tampons on Starbucks and froyo instead? This is the miracle we've been waiting for—sign us up!