15 Anxieties That Keep Every College Student Up at Night

Anxiety is literally an everyday thing for college students, what with looming final exams and graduation dates. These 15 stresses are probably the top anxieties that keep you up at night because life is a struggle. 

1. The impending doom of final exams

How much studying is too much?

2. The fear you'll forget everything as soon as a test starts

Going blank during test time is the number one fear.

3. What on earth are you going to wear for graduation? 


4. Knowing your internship probably won't land you a real job

Will I have to find yet another internship?

5. Not being able to remember if you have anything due tomorrow

I swear I'm missing something.

6. Worrying about having something to worry about

Feeling calm feels… weird.

7. The fear of being cut off completely

Financial stability can be scary.

8. The idea of moving back home for an indefinite amount of time

Live with my parents again? Nope. 

9. Paying rent on time

Don't forget: last day of every month.

10. The regret from skipping that one class 

Will this throw off my entire participation grade?

11. Knowing you have to do it all again the next day


12. Having to finish the project you've been putting off for days…

…or weeks.

13. Balancing social and academic responsibilities

Especially if you hate playing things by ear.

14. Dealing with roommates 

Living with other people isn't always a walk in the park.

15. The overall stress of growing older 

Adulting is not easy.

Can we just be kids again?