14 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Life is full of surprises — good and bad — and to deal with them, you sometimes need a little magic. That's where these life hacks come in. Whether you need a quick fix because your apartment feels totally disorganized, or you're dealing with a deodorant stain five minutes before heading out the door, these will do the trick. Here are 14 helpful tips every twentysomething woman needs to memorize: 

1. Remove wine stains using more wine.

You read that right—you can remove red wine stains by using white wine! The white wine neutralizes the color of the red wine on your shirt, which allows the stain to be removed much more easily using traditional methods. 

2. Organize your makeup stash on a magnetic board.

This super easy idea allows you to easily organize and stick your makeup all to a magnetic board on your wall either in your dorm room or bathroom. Just hot glue magnets to the back of your products, then attach them to the magnetic board for easy storage. You'll never be stuck searching for your mascara again! 

3. Use straws to keep necklaces from getting tangled.

There is nothing worse than picking out an outfit and realizing that the necklace you wanted to wear with it is all knotted up. Save yourself some time and frustration by pulling a straw through the chain of your necklace when you store it, so you'll never have to untangle your jewelry again.

4. Remove deodorant stains with dryer sheets.

It's so frustrating to pull on a black top, then realize you got deodorant stains on your shirt! Thankfully, there's a solution: you can rub a dryer sheet in circular motions to absorb the deodorant stain. Bonus: your shirt will smell extra good! 

5. Use pool noodles or rolled up magazines to stand boots upright in your closet.

It can be difficult to make use of your small closet space when your tall boots are falling all over each other! Solution: cut pool noodles and put them in your boots for support. This way, your boots can stand upright and take up less space!

6. Put baking soda in your shoes to disinfect and remove odor.

We all know that awful smell that comes with wearing your super cute ballet flats without any socks! The challenging of removing that smell may seem almost impossible—but trust us, it's not. Putting just a little bit of baking soda into a little breathable baggie, then placing that baggie inside of your shoes after wearing will help remove that smell and disinfect them. You're welcome. 

7. Clean up your mascara wand under hot water.

Clumpy mascara just isn't cute, and that's what tends to happen when the bristles of your wand get tangled and squished together. Most people would just throw away their mascara at this point and buy a new one—but you don't have to! You can put an end to clumpy mascara but running your wand under hot water, and then drying it off with a paper towel before the next use.

8. Hang purses in your closet with shower curtain hooks.

This allows for easy storage and maximizing what little space you do have, especially in a college dorm room. The shower hooks are small and take up so little space—and bonus, you can see all of your purses at once instead of sifting through a pile of them on the floor! 

9. Instead of bandages, use duct tape to cover a blister.

After a night out in heels, blisters can be so painful. Bandages tend to slip off easily, but duct tape doesn't; it will keep the blister closed off and secure. Duct tape is also thicker than a bandage and provides more coverage.

10. Get rid of a wine stain with table salt. 

Wine spill? No problem. Grab salt, warm water, and a paper towel. Blot the stain with a dry paper towel, then cover the stain in salt and let it sit. Dab the stain and watch it disappear! If you don't have warm water, sparkling water is a solid option. 

11. Mark up a water bottle to help you stay hydrated every day.

A clear reusable water bottle can be marked up with measurements to make sure you are staying hydrated every day! You can use the bottle to set goals for how much water you should be drinking by what time of the day. See the example above for inspiration!

12. Whiten your teeth with a banana peel.

Banana peels have been proven to significantly lighten teeth within a few weeks. Just rub a banana peel in circular motions on your teeth for a few minutes every day! Although this may seem unorthodox, using this method, you avoid extra chemicals like the ones you would find in typical teeth whiteners.

13. Keep your bobby pins in one place using an empty Tic Tac container. 

Once you finish all of your Tic Tacs, don't throw away the empty container! Instead, you can use it to store all of your bobby pins so that they're all kept safely in one place instead of disappearing all over your bedroom. You can even decorate the container using a gold sharpie, like the example above, to make this DIY both convenient and cute!

14. Save space in your closet by using soda can tabs

Tiny closet? No problem! Slip a soda pop tab onto your hanger and add another hanger to that! This will save a ton of space so you'll have plenty of room for all of your outfits! 

What are your favorite life hacks, collegiettes?