10 Appliances You Need in Your Dorm Room

The saying “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” is so true when you’re packing for going away to college. Looking for your morning caffeine fix? Yeah, you’re going to need a coffee maker. Even if you’re just craving Easy Mac, you’re going to need a microwave! HC has a checklist of the appliances you’re going to need for your dorm room and where to get them – so you don’t have to struggle without your morning coffee!

1. A Kettle: Hamilton Beach 1.8L Cordless Electric Kettle ($19.99)

You won’t believe how much coffee, tea, and hot chocolate you drink (especially in the winter when your dorm room is cold!) until you can’t drink it.  This Hamilton Beach Cordless Kettle from Best Buy is a collegiette’s dream since it’s cordless, meaning you have nothing to trip over!

2. A Portable Vacuum: Shark Portable Vacuum Cleaner ($34.99)

While mom nagging you to clean isn’t likely to be your idea of fun, you’ll soon see that a dorm room that isn’t vacuumed gets gross pretty quickly! You probably won’t have space for a full-size vacuum cleaner, but you will want to stop your dorm room from getting disgusting, so make sure to invest in a portable vacuum. This Shark portable vacuum cleaner from Best Buy is a great product, and even better, it’s on sale!

3. A Hairdryer: Conair Infiniti Cord-Keeper Professional Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer ($29.99)

Few collegiettes can go through the entire year without drying their hair, so this is a real must-purchase! The Conair Infiniti cord-keeper professional tourmaline ionic hair dryer helps to reduce heat on your hair, which will keep it in better condition. Even better, the ionic technology helps to reduce frizz, and the cord-keeper function will keep things neat.

4. A Styling Wand: Remington Silk Ceramic Slim Styling Wand ($24.99)

If you’re used to curling your hair, then not taking a styling wand with you to college would be a huge mistake! The best feature of the Remington silk ceramic slim styling wand is that it has a 60-minute auto shut-off feature—how many times have you left your house or dorm and realized you forgot to unplug your straightener or curling iron? Relax, collegiettes: you won’t burn down the dorm if you accidentally forget to turn this styling wand off.

5. An Iron: Proctor Silex Steam Iron ($17.99)

This comes in the same category as the vacuum cleaner: you say you won’t use it, but trust us, you will! When you’re running out the door to an internship interview with a creased top, you’re going to wish you had invested in this Proctor Silex steam iron. No one wants an intern who isn’t presentable!