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6 Games You Can Play With Your Fam Over Zoom this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is usually a time for massive family gatherings, fighting over the last helping of Grandma’s famous mashed potatoes and endless rounds of Yahtzee late into the night. Unfortunately, gatherings are a thing of the past. At least they are this year, if you want to do your part to slow the spread.

So while holiday parties are making a move online this year, you’ll have to do your best to make all those traditional recipes on your own, lest you spend your holidays with a soggy box of fried rice. But you don’t have to forgo the energy of your massive family game night, too! These six games can easily be adapted over Zoom, taking your virtual family reunions to the next level. 


TableTopics come in a variety of themes, filled with questions to start great conversations. Available in tabletop ($25) and travel sizes ($9) and with topics designed for everyone from the whole family to kids and teens, made for girl’s nights and date nights, on everything from golf to pop culture, there’s definitely a conversation starter with your name on it. Only one member of the fam needs to own a copy, and they can be in charge of reading off the questions and moderating everything that comes from them, from the answers to what gameshow you’d most want to be a contestant on to sharing trivia like the fact that the Ancient Roman cure for a hangover was a deep-fried canary.

The Story of My Life

This Black-owned trivia game for women ($20) dives into the social, personal and cultural experiences that cultivate the life stories of women, and you may find you have more in common with weird old Aunt Lisa than you think! One person can moderate the game by reading out the questions on the cards and calling out the next respondent.  



Jackbox games are practially designed for Zoom. All you need is a screen share capability and a cell phone for every player! Ariana Grande personally recommends Quiplash ($10) – her producer told The Wall Street Journal that they’d play Quiplash while working on her most recent album to keep the environment casual and fun! Go head to head with anonymous members of your fam to come up with the best answer to eah question, and when it’s not your turn, vote on your favorites! 

Brilliant Or BS?

This Black-owned party game ($20) will test your poker face for sure! Show off your collection of random trivia tidbits or bluff your way to the top. With core categories covering Entertainment, Food & Drink, Geography, Sports, History and Science & Tech and expansion packs that are NSFW, spotlight Black culture and more, get ready to flex! To play over Zoom, it’s recommended that one person act as the Shot Caller – you won’t get to bluff, but you’ll moderate the game and keep everyone in line! 

Blockbuster Returns 

Test out your film expertise with this trivia game ($13) packed with movies from the last decade. Go head to head in rapid fire, get your team to guess the film by acting it out, making up a quote or describing it with just one word, and fight to collect a film from every genre. One person can dole out the film cards privately in a Zoom chat to keep the game as close to in person as possible! 

23andMe’s Genetics Bingo

To help families stay connected this holiday season, 23andMe recently launched Genetics Bingo. It’s easy to play, and may even help members track where some of their quirkiest traits came from! You can download your Bingo cards for free. One person can make the calls for everyone to mark off their cards – the catch is, you only mark off the trait if it applies to you! 

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