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During my past three years at university, I was a contributor and intern at Her Campus Nottingham. In my first semester as part of the Her Campus Nottingham chapter, I was a copy editor, proof reading and editing my peers’ work before it got published on the website. I received a couple of articles each weekend to go through and I really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes sneak preview of content before it went live.

In Her Campus Nottingham’s second year, I was on my year abroad, but applied to be a writer. I wrote a mixture of health and travel articles as well as other topical pieces. Then in my fourth and final year of university at Nottingham, I started to write about local Nottingham events and university life. This year’s Campus Correspondents really pushed us for content and there were loads of opportunities to get involved and write.


I had great fun as an intern at Her Campus as it helped me to feel like an integral part of university, as we reported on campus affairs and interviewed our own classmates on campus. We have a wide audience comprising university students and staff, as well as alumni and the interns’ friends and families.

I highly recommend Her Campus for anyone who loves to read and/or write. The opportunities to get involved in a community are immense and there are plenty of giveaways, events and exciting articles uploaded daily. What are you waiting for?

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