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Now that fall semester is coming up, it’s time to start planning for school. Outfits, classes, activities—there’s so much to think about, but what about how you’ll be involved on campus? What types of skills or experiences do you want to add to your resume? If you’re a writer, social media addict, photographer, or event planner you should consider joining your school’s Her Campus chapter.

Last year, I helped launch the Her Campus chapter at my school as a Campus Correspondent with my roommate at the time. Before applying to start the chapter, I had been running my own blog for a few months, had loved photography since I was 15 and on more than one occasion, thought about how cool it would be to start a magazine. Her Campus Siena allowed me to combine all three of those things into one experience, and I even got internship credit for it in the spring.

Starting this team in the beginning of my junior year came at just the right time for me. I was feeling a little lost at school, I hadn’t joined a club yet and I had only just figured out my major. Her Campus was exactly what I didn’t realize I was looking for. By the end of the year I made a bunch of new friends and I learned a lot about what it means to work for an online magazine. This summer, I even had the opportunity to go to New York City for Her Conference with a few of my team members. Her Campus opens up so many opportunities that I didn’t have before.

Even as a contributing writer, photographer, or event planner for the team, being a part of your chapter allows you to build your online portfolio and add amazing experiences to your resume and college experience. 

Read the full post on Mermaid Tales, and find out how to start a Her Campus chapter at your school!

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