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What it’s Like When You & Your BFF Go to Rival Schools

You and your best friend have been through thick and thin together, including the stress of applying to college and waiting for college decisions to come in. You couldn’t have done it without her!

But even though you had each other’s backs throughout the application process, your upcoming school rivalry is about to test you…

When you finally got your college acceptance letters, you were extremely relieved.

You got into your respective dream schools, and you’re so proud of each other!

But there’s just one problem…

Your schools are archenemies.

There are comments all over your class of 2018 Facebook group about how stupid, spoiled, stuck-up and bad at sports your friend’s school is.

You want to join in, because some of these one-liners are actually really funny!

And besides, you have plenty of school spirit yourself.

But it feels like you’re being disloyal to your best friend…

…until you find out she’s been making fun of your school!

You think to yourself, “Oh, that’s how it’s gonna be!”

So you start coming up with great disses of your own.

Everyone on the Facebook group thinks you’re a comedic genius.

But after a while, the trash talk gets old.

All the jokes start to sound the same.

Besides, you know deep down that your friend’s school is actually a really good one.

And you miss the supportive relationship that you two used to have.

It’s really just a sports rivalry, and you’re not even that into sports anyway!

So you decide to bury the hatchet.

And you’re so excited to get your friend back. Perhaps a little too excited…

But luckily, she feels the same way.

Now you have to make the most of your time together…

…because being apart will be so hard.

But you two will always be friends…

…no matter how much you make fun of each other’s schools.

After all, it’s not your fault yours crushes hers in every way!

Iris was the associate editor at Her Campus. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in communications and gender studies, but was born and raised in France with an English mother. She enjoys country music, the color pink and pretending she has her life together. Iris was the style editor and LGBTQ+ editor for HC as an undergrad, and has interned for Cosmopolitan.com and goop. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @irisgoldsztajn, or check out her writing portfolio here.
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