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What it’s Like Moving Home for the Summer

Before you know it, finals week is over and you’re packing up your tiny (yet somehow overstuffed) dorm room to move home.

You tearfully say goodbye to your college friends and promise to keep in touch over the summer.

Although you’re sad to leave your newfound friends and independent college life behind, you can’t wait to kick back and relax.

You finally get to reconnect with your non-twin-sized bed, catch up with old friends and enjoy the simple pleasure of home-cooked meals.

And binge watch your favorite Netflix series, of course. 

Lounging around the house all day in your pajamas is fun for a while.

But pretty soon you’re bored out of your mind and missing your college besties.

You even offer to go grocery shopping for your mom because you’re so bored.

But then you end up enduring awkward run-ins with old high school classmates. 

Plus, your “I do what I want” college lifestyle doesn’t fly under your parents’ roof.

Soon enough, it’s almost August and you’re counting down the days until you’re reunited with your college friends.

Although you enjoyed the much-needed break from the stress and responsibility of school…

…spending four months at home with your parents and siblings gave you a new appreciation for your freedom-filled college life. 

Kelsey is a junior at The Ohio State University where she majors in Journalism. She serves as an Editorial Intern and Contributing Writer for Her Campus, and also writes for U lala. Her hobbies include loitering in cafés, watching '80s movies, and obsessing over British boys with perfect hair. After graduation, Kelsey hopes to work for a fashion magazine or lifestyle publication. You can follow Kelsey on Twitter (@kelseypomeroy) and Instagram (@kelseypomeroy).
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