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10 Unique Campus Clubs To Consider Joining This Fall

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Navigating college life isn’t just about hitting the books — it’s also about discovering your passions, expanding your horizons, and building lifelong connections. One of the best ways to achieve all these goals is by joining a campus club. Whether you’re a social butterfly, an introvert, or anything in between, there’s a club out there that’s perfect for you — you just have to find the one on campus that’s worth joining. 

But with so many campus clubs to consider, and with a million different options out there, you may be struggling with where to start. Luckily, I have a few interesting recommendations on which campus clubs to consider joining. Trying to increase your outdoor time? Consider the gardening club! Looking for something to do outside of your sorority? Try out for the pickleball club. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new freshman or a seasoned senior, there’s a club out there where you can spend time learning your interests, exploring new adventures, and making meaningful connections. Here are 10 campus clubs I think you should consider joining.

Mycology Club

Love the outdoors? Join the mycology club to uncover the hidden wonders of the mushroom world. This is such a great way to get outside with other nature lovers, work with your hands, and learn more about your local ecosystem.

Student Government Association

Elevate your college experience by joining the student government association, where you’ll have the chance to voice student concerns, drive impactful changes, and mold the campus environment.

Club Based On Your Major

Join a club aligned with your major (i.e. psychology club, communications club, etc.) to delve into specialized discussions, collaborate on projects, and network with like-minded individuals, all of which will enrich your academic journey and future career prospects.

Gardening Club

I definitely regret not joining my school’s gardening club! There’s no better way to get outside. You’ll nurture plants while fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment and enjoying the serenity of nature.

Dance club

Your university’s dance team can be a great way to get into a routine of moving your body and expressing yourself. This is a great option for experienced dancers, but depending on which group you join, you can participate for leisure or for competition!

Pickleball club

Everyone seems to be playing pickleball these days. Convince all of your roomies and friends to join and you’ll engage in friendly competition, boost your fitness, and create lasting memories on the court!

Habitat for Humanity

Make a tangible impact on lives and communities by joining Habitat for Humanity at your university. You’ll contribute to meaningful projects, foster a sense of purpose, and create lasting change through volunteerism.

Intersectional Activist Alliance

Be an advocate for justice on multiple fronts by joining the Intersectional Activist Alliance. Through collaborative efforts, meaningful dialogue, and impactful initiatives, you’ll play a pivotal role in dismantling barriers and fostering inclusivity within and beyond your college community.

Fashion Or Interior Design Club

Calling all fashionistas! Immerse yourself in a world of style and creativity by joining a fashion-related or interior design club. With this club, you’ll sharpen your design instincts, collaborate on fun projects, and dive into new aesthetics.

Her Campus

It wouldn’t be a college club list if I didn’t include Her Campus! It was my favorite club during my college career, and I think it could be yours, too. Empower your voice and connect with a global network of empowered young women by becoming a part of Her Campus, where you can share your unique perspectives, develop writing skills, and engage in conversations that matter. If your university doesn’t have a Her Campus chapter, consider starting a chapter.

Madison Bailey

App State '23

Madison Bailey is a national writer at Her Campus Media focusing on all things style, beauty, and lifestyle. She works closely with the style and lifestyle verticals at Her Campus, including reviews, roundups, sustainable style, and pop-culture. After graduating from Appalachian State University in May 2023 where she was Campus Coordinator of Her Campus at App State, Madison has written for Teen Vogue, Modeliste Magazine, Global Garbs, and more. Her time as Head Writer for The Collective Magazine, Appalachian State’s fashion and culture magazine, sparked her passion for the exciting world of fashion. She is currently in marketing at Modeliste Magazine where she’s able to celebrate her favorite things; fashion, beauty, celebrities, influencer style, and travel. In her free time, you can find Madison soaking in all the beauty that the blue ridge mountains have to offer. Or, when she’s not writing, you can find her thrifting, sipping a raspberry matcha, or cooking her favorite vegan meals!