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Here Are 4 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Hometown Friends This Semester

Well, it’s about that time. Your mother has scheduled 101 appointments, and your dad is getting weirdly sentimental… you’re about to leave for college. While for most, going to college for the first time is a day you’ve dreamt of and been counting down to since senior year of high school, unless you’re going to school close to home, come mid-September you may be down with a case of missing your childhood home and friends. And staying in touch with your hometown friends will be harder than you thought.

First off, let me preface that it’s completely normal and expected to lose touch with some of the people you were once close to in high school. As a senior in college (gosh I’m old) I really only talk to my two besties I’ve known since kindergarten on a daily basis, and comment on a handful of people’s Instagram posts when they’re up to something cool. 

The good news is that with college comes a whole new group of people, and within your major a whole bunch of new potential friends that hopefully have similar interests and values as you! However, it would be wrong of me to say I don’t shed a tear every time I have to say goodbye to my OG girls. So with that, here is how to keep in touch with those special childhood friendships during college. 

Plan a virtual date.

Now, this is obvious but over the past three years plus COVID, I’ve gotten pretty creative with how to take a Facetime or Zoom date to the next level. Putting a spin on an old classic you could cook the same meal together and while eating catch up on your week; you could also tack on a movie if you’re feeling wild and don’t have an 8 a.m. the next morning. Also, get creative with these meals, try a viral Tik Tok meal, or make an elaborate charcuterie board — no more of this microwave KD. 

I’m also a big fan of the study date, and while you’re not really able to talk and have minimized their picture to continue working on your presentation, it’s nice to have their comfort with you — even if it’s just through the screen. 

Use apps to your advantage.

Listen game pigeon is for more than when you’re delayed at the airport. You can also download games like Uno, Monopoly, and Scrabble and play online. I also have become quite a fan of the walkie-talkie feature on Apple watches so if your friends have one, patch in and say “hi” to them every once in a while. 

PLan a trip.

If my friends read this they will roll their eyes at me because I initiated a shared calendar where we could all put the times we are free in. It may seem like a lot of work but I promise you when it comes to planning your next Zoom dinner party you will thank me. 

One thing that helped my friends and I get through our first year of college was planning all the fun things we could do come Thanksgiving and winter break. Going sledding, having a sleepover, a gingerbread house decorating competition. The possibilities are endless and making little plans like that truly do make the time apart less depressing. 

If you’re lucky and the stars align and your spring breaks align you may even be able to plan a fun trip somewhere warm, if not, don’t sleep on how fun a staycation can be. 

Become pen pals.

Now this is for the creatives of the group and I wish I could take full credit but I do have to shout out the movie The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. Something my friends and I have enjoyed doing is writing updates and advice in a journal and mailing it back and forth. That way we have a whole bunch of memories saved but a unique way to keep in touch. 

If you wanna take this to the next level you can each get a touch bracelet. Essentially these bracelets are connected so when you’re thinking of your bestie you tap your bracelet and it will buzz theirs so they know you’re thinking about them. 

Moving to a new place and starting college is scary enough as it is, so the last thing you should be worrying about when settling into your new routine is how to keep in touch with your besties. So, trust me when I say that it will take time for you to find a groove and designate times when you and your friends can talk and catch up. But, if they are meant to be in your life, your relationship will persevere and no time apart will break you guys up. 

Bryanna is a Her Campus National Writer, she composes articles for the wellness section weekly covering all things health, and sex & relationships. She also occasionally dips her toes into the culture section for more timely breaking news as needed. Bryanna is a current senior at Baldwin Wallace University where she is majoring in music theatre, but much like the famous line from Hamilton "why do you write like you're running out of time" Bryanna's life would be incomplete without working on articles for Her Campus and various other online publications. She is currently working on her debut poetry book "Love Letters I Never Delivered". When not writing or on stage you can find Bryanna making a perfectly curated Spotify playlist, teeing off at the local mini golf course, or curling up with a totally predictable romance novel. To Keep up with her: @bryannacuthill or https://bryannacuthill.com 💌 🪩🥂