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pistachio cream cold brew
pistachio cream cold brew
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Starbucks’ Winter Menu Features A Brand New Cold Brew

With the holiday season ending, so comes the end of Starbucks’ holiday menu. But no need to worry, because fresh flavors are on the company’s agenda. On Jan. 3, Starbucks decided to ring in 2023 by debuting its winter menu.

This year, there’s a return of the fan-favorite ​​Pistachio Latte, making it back for its third year. The latte can be served hot, cold, or into a blended Frappuccino to make the beginning of 2023 a delicious start. The pistachio flavor provides a comforting taste, with its nutty undertones and a touch of sweetness. The Pistachio Lattes are topped with steamed milk and a salted brown butter topping.

The headliner for the menu, though, is a brand new drink that takes the theme of pistachio to a new level: the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew. Starbucks cold brews have been a hit, with popular menu items like the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew and Irish Cream Cold Brew, so it would be no surprise if this became winter’s favorite cold drink. The cold brew is sweetened with vanilla syrup and topped with pistachio-infused cold foam and a salted brown butter topping. Every sip of this drink will deliver a smooth and bold cold brew that balances with the sweet-and-salty richness of the cold foam.

starbucks winter 2023 menu

Are you more of a hot black coffee person? Try the seasonal Tribute Blend, available at all stores. The blend is made up of four origins: Sumatra, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia. Got a Starbucks Reserve location near you? There are two special blends available at select Starbucks stores and Starbucks Reserve locations. The new Guatemala Lake Atitlan Reserve has a sweet malted chocolate flavor mixed with a dark roast smoothness. The returning Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelelektu Reserve has fruity tones of raspberry and boasts a lighter taste.

And you can’t forget the food! The Starbucks bakery also brought back its iconic red velvet loaf. The sweet treat is marbled with red velvet and vanilla cake and topped with white chocolate icing: a total winter vibe. 

Hopefully, these food and drink options can give you extra motivation during the winter season and help you start the new year off right. Happy sipping!

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