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Is The Sorority Life Right For Me?

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or considering recruitment as a sophomore or upperclassman, you may have asked yourself this question. Well, I can tell you first hand that sororities are truly a second family for life. Spending 4 years in my sorority, I met some of my best friends, had the opportunity to participate in meaningful service projects, attend fun events and so much more. Here are some other reasons why sorority life has something for everyone:

It’s a new, welcoming community

Like I mentioned, joining a sorority is being welcomed into a new and diverse community of friends. From getting ready together, sharing meals and making new friends to cram for tests with, there’s always someone to share an experience with and make memories that you’ll never forget. And if you’re wondering how Covid-19 will affect your sorority experience, know that the sorority community is working tirelessly to innovate new ways to safely conduct recruitment and community engagement throughout the semester.

Recruitment isn’t like it is on TV

Myths aside, recruitment focuses on who you are from the inside out. Through this process, the sorority members you meet during recruitment want to get to know who you are as an individual. No matter your race or background, you will find commonality with many members in your morals, values, and aspirations.

Sororities are agents of change

I’ve always been so proud of all of the positive things my chapter has been a part of and that’s one of the major things that drew me into sorority life. From making a small change on campus to making a difference in our community, we worked as a national network of women who genuinely care about the world and want to make a difference. There are always sisters looking to have open conversations with the goal of creating positive changes in LGBTQ+ support, social justice, mental health, sustainability and more.

This network of women can truly change your future

From the connections you make during your time in school to meeting the women who came before you, so many members (like myself!) credit their internships and jobs to connections they made in association with their sorority. This community also opens up a group of supportive women who could be future mentors to continue to support you to grow and reach your full potential.

Learn more about sorority life and the opportunities at your school here.

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