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These Last Minute Scholarships Are Made Just For Black, College-Aged Women

Looking for last minute scholarships for that summer internship or study abroad program you’re ready to get started on? You’re in luck! These scholarships below were made for Black women-identifying students taking their college experiences to the next level. Deadlines to apply for both are coming up soon, so make sure to fill out your applications and send in your supporting documents quickly! 

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Black Girl 44 Scholarship

If you have a summer internship all lined up, this one’s for you. Former White House alum Deesha Dyer wants to pay it forward, so this $1000 scholarship is for any Black woman interning in the political or public policy field. The scholarship fund is a collection of contributions from 100+ Black women in the Obama administration or government departments, wanting to inspire and aid ten students. Requirements include a letter of recommendation, resume, enrollment in a university (or a very recent graudate), and more. Act fast, though, as the deadline for this scholarship is May 1, 2021.

beGirl.World Scholarship

For all my girls with a study abroad program secured, make sure to get your application for this scholarship together ASAP. beGirl.World — a Philly based organization looking to provide women with global education — is offering a $2000 scholarship to help fund your study abroad journey. With this Friday, April 23, 2021, as the deadline, hop online and get your materials together to be one of two Black female-identifying students (one from the Philly region, and one from the rest of the country) to win this scholarship.

Good luck! 

Merry is a third-year political science major at VCU with a concentration on international relations & American politics. She is currently on the pre-law track and hopes to work in politics (specifically campaign management & electoral politics) post-graduation while focusing on creating accessible media for low-income communities. She currently hosts a podcast focused on making politics relatable to college students and contributes to a number of publications. She is also the managing editor of Her Campus at VCU & is currently an editorial intern for Her Campus Media. Contact her at [email protected] & @merry.nebiyu.
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