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Whether you’re driving with your SO to a ski resort for spring break or traversing across the United States with your roomies just seeing where the wind takes you, road trips are a go-to way to connect with your loved ones and experience new sights and sounds. If you’re looking for ways to make the many long hours in the car fly by, I’ve got you covered with a series of road trip games including fun pop culture trivia and random question generators. (Plus, a game made specifically for all the cows you see. Everyone points them out anyway, might as well make it more fun!)

So, pack up your totes and backpacks with some go-to travel essentials — such as a moisturizing hand sanitizer and a cozy, compact blanket — and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Make sure you have plenty of snacks, coffee, and water to fuel your trip and don’t forget your portable phone charger (an absolute must). You, of course, need lots of battery life for taking pictures of all the roadside attractions and making TikToks out of your favorite backseat moments. Make the drive even more fun and memorable by checking out these top road trip games and trivia challenges below.

800 Random Questions

Generate the wildest conversations you and your driving buddies have ever had with this list of 800 questions. Ranging from slightly serious to super silly, these questions will dive into topics from your favorite meals all the way to the legacy you want to leave. Just pull up the site, ask your friends to pick a number between one and 800, and let the chit-chat commence.

Buzzfeed’s Pop Culture Trivia

Are you and your friends always in the know when it comes to movies, music, and TV shows? Pop culture trivia is certainly a great way to pass the time on the open road. These 85 fun pop culture questions and answers from Buzzfeed will seriously blow your mind. No matter if you’re a huge Marvel nerd or a Britney Spears stan, these questions will please every pop culture-obsessed person.

The Guardian’s 2022 Quiz

See how much you remember the wacky year that was 2022 with this quiz from The Guardian. A year may seem like a relatively short amount of time, but were are a lot of headlines that made international waves in those 365 days. If it’s just *too soon* to look back on 2022, check out CNN’s 2010s quiz or The Pioneer Woman’s ’90s quiz.

Popcorn Trivia App

Is everyone in your car a certified cinephile? Download PopcornTrivia right onto your phone and find quizzes for the major motion pictures you and your friends love most. Whether you’re into classics like Casablanca or Disney’s witchy Hocus Pocus, you’ll be able to test your knowledge about all things on the big screen.

20 Questions
Season 3 Missing Identity GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants - Find & Share on GIPHY

20 Questions is a classic road trip game that never gets old. Just have one person serve as the “answerer.” This individual will choose a person or object in their head. Then, everyone in the car collectively has 20 yes-or-no questions to ask in order to figure out what person or object the “answerer” is thinking about.

The Cow Game

If you’re traveling through rural farmland, it’s time for everyone to count their cows. Players in the car will shout “My cows!” when they see cows grazing in a field off the road, and then take an educated guess on how many they saw. When a player sees a church, they can say “Marry my cows!” and double their estimate. If a player sees a cemetery, they can say “Bury the cows!” and “kill off” everyone else’s cows. There are several more rules to try out, or you can create some for your own road trip game. Whoever collects the most cows by the end of the trip wins.

Spotify Playlist Game

All you need for this game is this Spotify playlist and some ’80s movie-obsessed friends. Play the songs and see who can guess the movie they were featured in first.


Marry, F*ck, Kill is, IMHO, one of the top five sleepover games, and it’s also ideal for playing on a road trip. But the game isn’t just about playing with celebrities or people. You can even play MFK with types of snacks, movies, bands, and more.

The Office Who Said It Quiz
Happy Season 5 GIF by The Office - Find & Share on GIPHY

For the world’s best bosses on the road together, check out this special edition of Who Said It? with all quotes directly from the hit comedy The Office. You can also check out similar quizzes with quotes from Parks and Recreation and Community.

Tell A story together

Making a story together is quite simple. Have one person in the car share a sentence that starts “the story.” Then, each person in the car adds their own sentence one by one, bringing in their own goofy characters and funny conflicts. Other variations of this game include each person adding merely one word to the story at a time, or three words at a time. Feel free to build the story in whatever way you wish.

May all your current and future road trips be safe, full of delicious snacks, and loud from good laughs thanks to these games and trivia challenges.

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