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This Restaurant Wants You to Swap Bread for Pickles, So Hello Pickle Sandwiches

Pickles are the world’s best sandwich topping. But why have the pickle as a topping on your sandwich, when it could literally be the sandwich? Well Elsie’s, in Haddon Township, New Jersey has officially made a pickle lover’s dream come true by swapping out the sandwich bread for a glorious pickle.

Elsie’s Signature Pickle Sandwich comes with a gargantuan kosher pickle -- which you can get in Original or Spicy -- that is split down the center and stuffed with delectable meats, like corned beef, roast beef, turkey breast, domestic ham and salami, and cheeses, including swiss, provolone and American. Elsie’s also offers an array of toppings, including Sriracha mayo and spicy wasabi mayo, Bustle reports.

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Now we get why Elsie’s calls this sandwich “DILL-icious!”

If you prefer a smaller bite to eat, Elsie’s offers roll-up sandwiches and you can choose pickles or cucumbers to replace the bread, Cosmopolitan reports.

“So essentially, we’re a sandwich shop without the bread,” Katherine Cohen, Elsie’s co-owner, told Thrillist in a video documenting the creation of their sandwiches. “We have a family pickle recipe that we resurrected.”

Sounds like it time to plan a trip to try Elsie’s “DILL-icious” pickle creations!

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