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Quiz: Which Halloween Costume Is Right For You?

Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice lattes are back and football season is in full swing. We all know what that means: It’s fall! It also means we’re getting close to one of the most epic nights of the year: Halloween.

Your college Halloweens have the potential to be some of the greatest nights of your four years of higher learning, so it’s important to have a costume that will live up to that standard. Take this quiz to see which costume will fit you best for this year’s Halloween festivities.

1. You would describe yourself as:

A. Adventurous
B. Independent
C. Quirky
D. Preppy
E. Edgy

2. On Halloween night, you plan to:

A. Stick with a group of your friends
B. Fly solo
C. Scare your fellow co-eds
D. Hang with your significant other
E. Stun the masses

3. On Halloween night, you’re down to:

A. Go to a rager
B. Bounce around to a few different places
C. Trick-or-treat
D. Stick with your boyfriend
E. Throw your own party

4. Of these songs, you prefer:

A. “This Is What It Feels Like (feat. Trevor Guthrie)” by Armin van Buuren
B. “Wake Me Up” by Avicii
C. “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
D. “Clarity” by Zedd
E. “Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. & Pharrell)” by Robin Thicke

5. It’s more important that your costume:

A. Matches your friends’ costumes
B. Keeps you warm
C. Scares people
D. Makes you look good
E. Stirs up buzz

6. Your favorite holiday is:

A. Christmas/Chanukah
B. Your birthday
C. Halloween
D. Valentine’s Day
E. The Fourth of July

7. On a Saturday afternoon, you would rather:

A. Chill with your friends
B. Go on a hike
C. Watch a scary movie
D. Go on a date
E. See an art exhibit

8. Your favorite store is:

A. Forever 21
B. Urban Outfitters
C. Hot Topic
D. J.Crew
E. Free People

9. Your favorite summer movie was:

A. The Bling Ring
B. The Lone Ranger
C. World War Z
D. The Great Gatsby
E. The Hangover Part III

If you chose:

Mostly A’s:

Go as a team. You and your friends are probably all planning on heading to a party together this Halloween. You want to wow other partygoers with a recognizable group costume that lets everyone know you’ve got the greatest friends in the world. You’re ready to get crazy and have a good time, but you don’t want anyone to have to question what you’re dressed up as (unless they’re completely out of the pop culture loop).

Costumes to consider: The Kardashians, The Spice Girls, The Cast of Breaking Bad, the minions from Despicable Me. Check out even more group costume ideas here.

Mostly B’s:

Be practical. You’re planning on stopping by a few different parties, so walking from place to place wearing stilettos and a skimpy dress isn’t for you. Your costume needs to be comfortable and warm so your night isn’t miserable. You want to be able to party-hop to see all your different friend groups, so your costume shouldn’t rely on you being with a certain group of people throughout the entire night. Come up an idea for a costume that will make your night of gallivanting around town as fun and easy as possible.

Costumes to consider: Waldo of Where’s Waldo?, Taylor Swift, Daisy Buchanan, a hippie, Holly Golightly, a cowgirl, a runaway bride. See more Halloween costume ideas here.

Mostly C’s:

Think scary. You’re looking to return to your youth this Halloween and put together a classically creepy costume. You may even forego all the parties and go trick-or-treating (although that’s a little creepy in itself at our age). You always have and always will love Halloween and everything associated with it, and you’re looking forward to giving people a good scare on this year’s fright night.

Costumes to consider: A creepy clown, a vampire, a zombie from The Walking Dead, Honey Boo Boo (har har). Check out more scary Halloween costume ideas here.

Mostly D’s:

Stick with your boo. You’ve been looking forward to doing a standout couple’s costume with your boyfriend for a while now. You plan to make sure that people not only know you two are together, but are also envious of that attractive couple with the matching costumes. You know you’re going to look good; now you just have to make sure he looks good, too!

Costumes to consider: Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, Angel and Devil, Catwoman and Batman, President and First Lady of your choice, Greek god and goddess, Will and Kate, Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West).

Mostly E’s:

Think outside the box. You’re playing it by ear this year, but still plan to surprise the crowd with whatever you come up with. You’re willing to push the limits of what’s considered appropriate and aren’t afraid to shock people. You’re one of those people who doesn’t believe in the phrase “too soon.” You go, girl, but try not to offend anyone too much!

Costumes to consider: An alcoholic beverage, a parody of a political figure, a buzzworthy celebrity (like Miley Cyrus). Check out more ideas for funny Halloween costumes here.

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Megan McCluskey is a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. with Distinction in Journalism and Mass Communication, and a second major in French. She has experience as a Campus Correspondent and Contributing Writer for Her Campus, a Public Relations Consultant for The V Foundation, an Editorial Assistant for TV Guide Magazine and Carolina Woman magazine, a Researcher for MTV, and a Reporter and Webmaster for the Daily Tar Heel. She is an obsessive New England Patriots and Carolina basketball fan, and loves spending time with her friends and family (including her dogs), going to the beach, traveling, reading, online shopping and eating bad Mexican food.
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