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Do you feel guilty every time you see the battle-worn kithen table Aunt Jane generously donated to your apartment? No matter how hard you scrub, you just can’t seem to get rid of the rings left behind by those sweating Keystone Lights.

Or maybe you’re just tired of having to clean off the cute IKEA table you and your roommates just bought this summer. Or you can’t afford to have a room damage charge added to your tuition because plastic cups full of beer keep spilling on the rug.

Beer pong is a time-honored drinking game at colleges all over the country, and a party staple at just about every dorm room or apartment on weekends. You don’t want to forsake your party pastimes, but you can’t exactly afford to keep shelling out money for damage control either.

Enter the PORTOPONG. This inflatable beer pong table will allow you to play anywhere, any time (and will keep all of your furniture in pristine condition)!

Bring it tailgating to the next big game or to the quad (just don’t get caught by campus security)! For all of you collegiettes™ who are still soaking up the sun at campuses with outdoor pools, get a game going in the water. You can even use it as a place to rest your head if you get a bit, er, tired after a long day of pong tournaments. 

PORTOPONG is the world’s best selling inflatable pool pong. The pink PORTOPONG would go nicely in any collegiette’s™ dorm or apartment, but is also available in blue. Or, if you’re planning your Fourth of July festivities way ahead of time, consider investing in the All American design.

No matter which color (or party location) you decide on, PORTOPONG is about to revolutionize your standard drinking game.

So get your PORTOPONG and fire up your pong skills, ladies. And give Aunt Jane’s old table a rest, will you?


Lauryn is a senior at Northeastern University majoring in journalism. She has written for Boston.com as well as the HC branch at Northeastern. Lauryn is also a teaching assistant for International Affairs students at Northeastern. In May and June of 2011, she embarked on a reporting trip to the Middle East, where she mastered the art of "man on the street" reporting and gained a new appreciation for falafel. In her spare time, Lauryn enjoys writing, walking around Boston aimlessly, traveling and a unhealthy obsession with her Kindle. She loves eating, French bulldogs and Anderson Cooper. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in foreign correspondence or magazine journalism. You can follow her on Twitter @laurynpaiva.
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