Our Fave Memes This Week 2.9.18

In this rough and often exhausting world, we're lucky to have the weird perfection that is (usually) memes. It's bizarre to think of the world we lived in before them, but, honestly, I'm glad we don't have to try. After all, memes are here, they are beautiful, and, if our meme-obsessed Facebook is anything to go by, they don't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

What we love most about memes is their ability to bring us together about literally anything. Like memes about dogs. And memes about drunk dancing. And memes about not wearing any underwear like, ever. Memes are a hashtag blessing, and we'll never stop getting that deep-down-inside-glow of appreciation when our friend's tag us in something that made them think of us. Because awww. 

Here are some of our fave memes of this week. (And, pro-tip: if you really enjoy these, be sure to join our ~exclusive~ meme group to see the best of the best, first.)

1. When you're drunk and see a puppy

Even on my worst days, puppies make my heart do this: 💖💖💖

2. When your to-do list is literal hell


3. When you and your bff are beyond weird

But still the best, tbh.

4. Supporting your BFF's terrible ideas, always 

Because why not, right? 🍻

5. When your friend love, love, loves fuckboys

Get your shit together, Stacy.

6. When your standards are low af

Keep the puppy, dump the boy.

7. When you find the party pet

The best part of going out, duh.

8. When you don't have a Valentine's Day date

More wine for me 🤷

9. When you take Wine Wednesday seriously

*fills glass to the brim*

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