Our Fave Memes This Week 1.5.18

First things first: HAPPY 2018! In honor of the new year (and our desperate need for something to laugh at, because, lbr, 2017, was rough af), we're launching something new: our fave memes of the week. Because goodness knows we could use more good ol' fashioned laughter in the stress-filled dumpster fire that is our everyday lives. But actually. 

So cuddle up, get warm, & get ready to giggle. And don't forget to share, since we all know memes are best when you enjoy them with the group text. 

1. When school wrongs you

Um, excuse me, but I pay for you??

2. When you emerge from the bathroom after puking your shots up

Hey, it happens.

3. When your friend's drinks start getting stronger and stronger

Stacy, is this literally straight tequila??

4. When you show your friend an ~amazing~ night out

I've never been so proud.

5. When your ultimate goal is to be a dog mom

Really, this is all I want in life.

6. When you give up on your diet

Honestly, life is too damn short.

7. When your friend starts that "I did a thing" text

I live for the goss.

8. When your good girl friend gets... bad.

Baffled, truly baffled.

9. When you and your bff run out of wine.


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