Our Fave Memes This Week 1.12.18

So like, we're all quite literally stressed af. Which is rough. But luckily, we have one thing to help us get by: memes. In honor of all things memes (and our desperate desire to escape from our everyday exhaustion), we're bringing you our absolute fave memes this week. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for even more taggable memes, because whose day isn't made when their bff tags them in yet another all-too-relevant meme?

1. When brunch is life

Money is nice, but mimosas are better.

2. When you're an expert social media stalker

Okay, I found his IG, FB, and Snapchat.

3. Judging party outfits like

Sorry, drunk me is rude af.

4. When you're lowkey dramatic

Extra & proud.

5. When you're a human ball of stress

Me?? Stressed??

6. When your Starbucks habit is out of control

$6 for a coffee? Seems fair.

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