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Organize Your 2023 With These 10 Notion Templates

Besties, for a lot of people, the new year means it’s time to focus on the goals ahead. Whether you’re looking to be more mindful when it comes to prepping and cooking meals, aiming to be more financially independent and in charge of your money, or planning to be more on top of your reading routine than ever before, it’s always easier to track your successes with an app. The planning software Notion offers free and cheaply-priced trackers, templates, and planners for all of your organizational needs, so if you’re looking to become an Organized Queen in 2023, here are a few to check out.

Notion is a project management platform devoted to helping individuals, small businesses, and even large corporations such as Headspace and Pixar check off their to-do lists in a super simple way. Available right on your phone or laptop, Notion is basically always accessible, and you’re able to update it in real time. Plus, Emma Chamberlain’s a huge fan — and if Emma’s a fan, so am I.

So, explore the Notion website and browse their templates (they’re made by Notion as well as the platform’s community members) to find the layout you need, whether you’re looking to plan out your next academic semester, craft a daily gratitude journal, or just make 2023 your year overall. Here are a few of the top template picks to add to your account.

Bullet Journal

If you love the concept of bullet journaling but can’t commit to the multiple fancy pens, washi tape, and stickers, opt for Notion’s free and easy-to-use Bullet Journal by creator Matt Ragland. With this journal, you can easily organize daily, weekly, and more to-dos, as well as well productivity goals and themes for a certain period of time. Ragland shared a whole tutorial on how to set up the journal template to make it effective for you.

Beauty & Skin care Tracker

Do you have a whole dresser full of makeup and skin care products and accessories? Consider this free Notion Beauty and Skin Care Tracker by Ashley Ward your new best friend. This template allows you to take inventory all of your items and even rate them. This way, you can keep track of your favorites and your not-so-favorites. You can examine if certain brands do or don’t work for you, and if you have favorite color palettes you frequently gravitate toward when it comes to your eyeshadow, lip colors, and blush.

Connect To Your values

If you’re setting out to make 2023 your year of personal growth, you can start by downloading the free Notion tracker called Connect To Your Values by Simple. Sorted. This template is designed to help you discover what matters most to you in life. From there, it’ll help you set goals based on those values. It’s built-in reflective exercises will help you move through the year with intention, structure, and understanding of what you need.

The Relationship Journal

There’s always room to grow and deepen a romantic relationship, no matter if you’ve been together for six months or six years. The Relationship Journal by Adil documents relationship highlights, important dates, happy memories, and more. Plus, you can store photos from date nights and vacations abroad in this $7 template. Plan future date nights, conversation topics, and long-term relationship goals, too.

Daily Gratitude & Affirmation Journal

Move your creative energy and joy in the same direction in the new year with Notion’s $19 Daily Gratitude and Affirmation Journal by Philipp Stelzel. Craft a vision board, maintain a diary, write your own affirmations, jot down your dreams, and practice daily gratitude all in one place with this board. You’re sure to get more in-tune with yourself, and lots of psychology studies report seeing increased positive emotions when you practice gratitude.

Meal Planner

When you’re constantly juggling work, classes, clubs, and social responsibilities, it’s easy to let healthy meals and cooking plans fall by the wayside. If you’re hoping to find balance or try more adventurous meals this year, download the free Meal Planner Notion tracker by Hugh Dawkins. Make your ingredient list and have your recipes for the whole week all in one place.

Happiness Bar Journal

Make 2023 the year of creating and maintaining your own happiness. With The Happiness Bar Journal by Frances Odera Matthews, you can track how you’re feeling with a daily calendar, complete easy happiness exercises on your tougher days, write journal entries, and refer to a list of self-care tips. Discovering your joy may be a challenge, but daily practices such as these can help you find it in all sorts of places.

Habit Tracker

Are you bad at developing new habits, like drinking more water, waking up earlier, or going for a walk on your lunch break? You can build habits better with Notion’s Habit Tracker by Alysha Marwaha. Check to see what habits you’re doing consistently and which tasks you need to approach more intentionally. These little checkboxes can serve as your new to-do list.

Personal Accounting

Financial wellness is just as important as physical and mental wellness. This Personal Accounting Notion tracker by meetheverse has you covered if you’re looking to achieve new financial goals. Keep track of your spending and saving, and even get ready for tax season with the built-in tax calculator. If you’re looking for more budgeting tools, you can check out Notion’s 50/30/20 Budget Tracker by Raiu Rajamoney.

30-Day workout plan

If you’re looking to keep a consistent physical health schedule, you have to download the free 30-day Workout Plan template by iNotion. Each day reveals a list of curated exercises for upper body, lower body, abs, and more. Not only does this tracker help hold you accountable, but it also guides you through how to do exercises effectively if you’re new to the world of workouts.

Get ready to make the new year your best one yet. Stay organized and make your goals happen. Happy 2023, besties!

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