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22 New Year’s Eve Borg Names To Say Goodbye To 2023 & Ring In 2024

Thinking about how to spice up your New Year’s Eve parties? Try borgs! With the year 2023 winding down, we find ourselves reflecting on the events of the year like music or TV shows, but a huge trend in the college scene this year was the infamous borg. Yes, the borg, or “blackout rage gallon,” took so many college students’ TikTok FYPs by storm as a very niche but surprisingly safe way to get lit at their college parties. To make a borg, you simply take a gallon jug, fill it with half water, half liquor, and flavor it with Kool-Aid or drink mix. But, what makes the borg so iconic are the names. To complete your borg, you have to write a name on it that’s a play on the word “borg.”

What better way to close out the year than to do it with such an iconic drink? Consider incorporating borgs at your NYE party. New Year’s Eve has so many classic traditions and sayings that could make the perfect name for a borg. But, if you’re having a bit of trouble finding some, here are 22 of the best New Year’s Eve borg names for you, that incorporate 2023 pop culture and some classic New Year’s sayings.

Happy New Borg!

3…2…1… Happy New Borg!

New Year, New Borg.

Anybody else turn into an entirely different person at midnight?

Have a Borgful New Year.

A New Year full of borg, duh.

A Borg to the Future.

I’m seeing… a borg in your future.

Borgonson Cooper.

For those who enjoy the CNN NYE special.

New Year’s Borgsolutions.

Did you guys write your resolutions yet?

Same Borg as Last Year.

People who say “I haven’t taken a shower since last year”<<<.

Times Square Borg Drop.

New York City should replace the ball with the borg.

Goodbye 2023, Hello 202-borg.

2024: the year of the borg.

A Borg to Remember.

Make this party memorable!

Kissing The Borg This New Year’s.

For my single gals.

It’s Borg O’clock Somewhere.

Even before midnight!

Happy Borg Year!

Celebrating more than just the year at this point!

Borgie Girl.

Paying homage to the movie of the year, aka Barbie.

A Star is Borg.

The real star of the new year.

The Eras Borg.

Celebrating one of the biggest world tours of the year!

Love is Borg.

For everybody who was tuned into Love Is Blind this year. Can’t wait till February!


2024 is a big deal, okay?

Regina Borg.

Who else is ready for the Mean Girls movie?

Miley Borgus.

So sad that she won’t be doing a special this year.

New Borg City.

Dedicated to the city with the best New Year’s parties.

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Borgin’ Eve.

The superior NYE special.

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