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Feeling Cramped at Home? You Could Win a Mobile Dorm Room From Natty Light

The coronavirus pandemic has canceled many traditional aspects of college life. No more frat parties, no more tailgating, and no more homecoming. Last fall, COVID-19 forced many students to return home to continue their college experience from the confines of their bedroom, losing out on many traditional aspects of college life, from frat parties to tailgating to home games and more. For many students, they'll continue to have to settle for another semester at home, under their parents' watchful eyes and surrounded by their annoying siblings, as many universities continue to conduct online classes. 

Natural Light, a staple of many peoples’ college experiences, wants to soften the blow for at least one university student who's less than thrilled about their upcoming living situation. Perfect for any Natty fan, the beer brand is giving away a tricked-out mobile dorm room that you can put in your parents’ driveway or back yard. With the mobile dorm room, you can bring a small sliver of college back to your home town and escape from your fam, all at the same time. 

“We created Dorm From Home to give back some of the independence found with on-campus living,” Daniel Blake, Vice President of U.S. value brands at Anheuser-Busch, said. “We hope that this initiative will inspire our community to celebrate the college lifestyle no matter where they are living.”

The mobile dorm room matches the average size of an actual dorm room at 8 feet by 12 feet, however, it's far more decked out than most dorm rooms with free Wi-Fi, a gaming system, television, air conditioning and a mini-fridge. In addition, Natty Light will be giving the lucky winner beer money for an entire semester! 

To be eligible to win, you need to be 21 or older and registered at an accredited college or university in the United States, or to have graduated from an accredited institution within the past two years.

To enter, post a picture to either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that shows why you need the mobile dorm using the hashtags #DormFromHome and #contest. The most creative and convincing argument as to why they deserve the mobile dorm will become the proud owner, no purchase necessary. 

Natural Light will be accepting contest submissions through Aug. 18, so check out the full contest rules and get to brainstorming!

Elizabeth Karpen

Columbia Barnard '22

Lizzie Karpen is a junior at Barnard College, the most fuego of women’s colleges, studying Political Science and English with a concentration in Film. To argue with her very unpopular opinions, send her a message at esk2168@barnard.edu or @lizziekarpen on Instagram and Twitter.
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