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Mother’s Day Made Easy – Get Your Personalized Card for Mom Now!


Since finals are your first priority as the semester comes to a close, it’s likely that you’ve totally forgotten that Mother’s Day is only two weeks away! Rather than scrambling to snag one of the last remaining cards at your local drugstore on the morning of May 12, make Mother’s Day easy for you (and meaningful for your mom) by creating a heartfelt card with Cardstore!

If you aren’t familiar already, Cardstore is a site where you can create custom cards by adding your own photos, a personalized message, and your signature. You can even pull the photo directly from Facebook, in case you don’t have access to any other photos if you’re away from home! Then once you’ve finished your masterpiece, Cardstore prints it out for you—then addresses and stamps an envelope, and mails the card straight to your Mom! She’ll be so touched that you thought to send her something, and she’ll never know that you barely had to lift a finger.

Cardstore is even running a special from now until May 6 where all Mother’s Day cards are just $2.49, and shipping is totally free! You can choose from their selection of cards that are funny, sweet, inspirational, or religious, just depending on what you think your mom would like best.

These thoughtful cards are cheaper and more personal than buying her flowers or jewelry—and they take so little time and effort on your part! Since you’re probably going to be online procrastinating as you prepare for finals anyway, hop on Cardstore’s site and check out what they’ve got to offer.

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