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McDonald’s Launches Spicy Nuggets & A New McFlurry This September

McDonald’s just announced that they are putting a spicy spin on a fan favorite: meet Spicy Chicken McNuggets. The nuggets are the fast-food chain’s first-ever flavor play on its menu item since its launch in 1983. McDonald’s is also adding a brand new dipping sauce, Mighty Hot Sauce, and the new Chips Ahoy! McFlurry to the menu all on September 16.



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It's the same McNugget that you know and love, now in a spicy cayenne and chili pepper tempura coating. And why stop with just spicy nuggs? Mighty Hot Sauce will set your mouth ablaze. With a blend of crushed red pepper, spicy chilis, a touch of garlic, and a hint of sweetness this sauce is sure to be a new favorite. The two new items from McDonald's are a fiery match made in heaven. 

Now that you’ve officially set your mouth on fire with new Spicy Chicken McNuggets and Mighty Hot Sauce, it’s time to cool down with a new Chips Ahoy! McFlurry. The new ice cream treat is made of delicious McDonald’s soft serve, caramel topping, and Chips Ahoy! Cookie pieces that are blended to perfection. This sweet treat is a great way to cool off, even if you aren’t spicing it up. The new McFlurry will be available nationwide for a limited time only, so grab yours while you can. 

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