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This piece is part of a larger series on Karen F. Owen’s “F**K List,” a leaked PowerPoint on her sexual activity, which she composed about her undergraduate experience at Duke University.

Many friends of mine have stated at various points in my life that they are living vicariously through me. My response is always the same: Why live vicariously through me when you can live just like me? I’ve never been a fan of wondering “what if” and instead choose to explore those ‘what ifs’. So when I read the F**k List I immediately related to the writer.
Our campuses are littered with sleazy guys and doe-eyed girls. Littered is an understatement — I would say they are more of a junkyard for these types of people. Seriously, how many times have you heard of a guy crying over a girl that didn’t call him after sex? I’m guessing never. Now reverse the question and you have a cesspool devoted to girlfriends (and even you) who have wasted countless tears on meaningless relations. Girls go to college and think of coming out the other end with a husband-to-be; guys go with intentions of doubling or even tripling their “number”. My solution to this dilemma? Get on their level.
My personal experience is sprinkled with some great experiences and then some awful experiences, the latter of which I attribute to male incompetence rather than my own possible shortcomings. However, I can count on less than one hand (two fingers to be exact) the amount of times I have cried over a guy. All this feminist B.S. out there teaches you to be a strong and independent woman, but what’s more independent than going out and doing what you want without remorse?
I have only had one boyfriend in my life and I consider the year with him to be an overall waste of time, and more to the point, a mistake. I have a fabulous question for you girls dead-set on your relationships or your hook-up…if you don’t try all the flavors, how do you know which one you like the best? I have had my fair share of sampling and I am nowhere near knowing what kind of guy I want.
It’s honestly depressing to think of how many fugly* guys get laid every weekend and then to think of every girl waiting on a text from the guy she drunkenly hooked up with the night before…which, by the way, is never coming. Own those one night stands. When can you do this again in your life? After you graduate and you’re living at home with mom and dad? Wrong.
To the girls out there who are looking down your nose at me right now, don’t waste your time. You probably read through the F**k List and thought something along the lines of “what a slut” while I was reading it in pure stitches, rooting for her all along. You see, my time is not wasted thinking about how much of a “slut” another girl is because, quite frankly, I don’t care. More power to her.
What it all comes down to is confidence. People will treat you how you treat you. If you objectify other girls as “skanks” then you’re allowing yourself to be labeled in the same way. Girls gossip. It’s a cruel fact of life. That does not mean you have to listen and if you do, my personal remedy is laughter because nothing pisses people off more than mockery.
This life is yours to live, so what shouldn’t you do? 
*fugly – f**cking ugly

Caroline Bagby is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish. She spent her summer interning at Kiss FM for Boston's #1 hit radio show and getting owned by the restaurant where she waited tables. She is now double interning for Her Campus and for ABC40 in Springfield, MA where she is working as a broadcast news intern. Caroline hopes to one day make a name for herself in the production industry. She enjoys spending the money she doesn't have, bubbletinis, watching movies, writing, and surrounding herself with friends and family. 
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