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Lili Reinhart Went To A Shrek-Themed Rave & Now You Need To Go To One, Too

A Shrek-themed rave? Yes you just read that correctly. On June 8, actress Lili Reinhart took to TikTok to share footage of herself living out her “lifelong dream of attending a Shrek Rave.” With Reinhart dressed as Lord Farquaad and her friends dressed as other characters from the iconic Shrek movie, the group was shown jamming out to music with flashing lights and Shrek visuals on a screen, clearly having the time of their lives.

Raves have been around for quite some time now. If you don’t know what a rave is, it’s basically a huge dance party with flashing lights, EDM songs, and some of the coolest outfits you’ve ever seen. Raves began in the ‘80s basically as secret dance parties, but over 40 years later, raves have grown to be on a much larger scale, thanks to social media and music festivals

Now, there is a vast community of rave-goers spanning a variety of interests. For example, Shrek isn’t the only type of themed rave you’ll find. For my theater girls, there is a Broadway rave that plays songs from hit Broadway musicals. For my Swifties, you may even see a Taylor Swift rave pop up at a club near you.

But where did these Shrek raves come from… and how can you take part in one?


Fulfilled my lifelong dream of attending a Shrek Rave. Farquaad, Doris, Shrek, & Fiona 💚 @Jack Martin @taylrfostr @graysworld #shrekrave

♬ original sound – keyanjamal

What Is The Shrek Rave?

The Shrek raves were started in the early 2020s by content creator Jordan Craig (@Ka5sh) who started by throwing a Shrek-themed party in Los Angeles called Shrek Rave. With the first rave having a sold-out crowd, Craig used that success and brought the Shrek Rave to New York. Since then, the official Shrek Rave has come to venues all across the country. At the rave, EDM remixes of songs from the Shrek movies are played by DJs, equipped with strobe lights and visuals on a big screen. 

Costumes are encouraged — not mandatory — but most attendees jump at the chance to dress up as their favorite Shrek characters. 

How Can I Attend A Shrek Rave?

Believe it or not, I can also guarantee that there’s a Shrek Rave coming somewhere near you. Rave dates and times can be found on the Shrek Rave Linktree, with dates at many locations around the country. Tickets are pretty inexpensive, ranging from $18 to $35, with some locations even having special deals for friend groups — IMO, a Shrek Rave would be perfect for a Girls’ Night Out! Just make sure to check the age requirements for each location, since some raves are 21+ while others are 18+.

If you’re looking for something to wear, check out Reinhart’s TikTok — or many other TikToks — for inspo. Consider dressing up as your fave Shrek character and have fun at the silliest rave on earth!

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