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40 Instagram Captions For Long Weekends That’ll Bring Your Photos To The Next Level

Long weekends can be the best for your adventures — there’s plenty of time to go to the beach, visit the friend in a different city you’ve been saying you’d go visit forever, take a long drive to a new part of your state with friends, order in takeout and watch movies, go to that brunch place with a line down the street and eat pancakes to your heart’s content, and dozens of other options. Long weekends are your time to reset and enjoy time off before work or school resumes. And with all of these long weekend activities (and hopefully, lots of photos), you’ll need some Instagram captions for your post about it all.

Sometimes, the best and final part of the long weekend is rounding up the pictures and sharing them with your friends and family (and followers)! Your pictures tell a story. They allow you to show the world the experiences you had in a short burst. While not everyone was there for the whole journey, they can feel the thrill of the highlights with you. Honestly, did you even experience the weekend if you didn’t post about it? Without further ado, here are 40 Instagram captions for a long weekend.

  1. Somehow, everything fit in my suitcase except for the memories. 
  2. Reality is calling, but for me, it’s still the weekend.
  3. Grateful for friends and family who make time off so memorable.
  4. Low-key still thinking about this weekend. 
  5. Hi from paradise. 
  6. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, but it’s always 5 o’clock here. 
  7. Went by too fast. 
  8. I will respond in three to five business days, or never again. 
  9. Now let’s hit rewind.
  10.  All weekends should be long weekends.
  11. Long weekend mode activated. 
  12.  My Spotify playlist for the long weekend says it all. 
  13. Just happy to be here. 
  14.  Deleted my clock app this weekend — no need to set an alarm. 
  15. This weekend was such a dream.
  16. Taking the scenic route (or no route at all).  
  17.  Looking for a way to preserve this weekend forever. 
  18.  Happy endings to fairy tales come on weekends. 
  19.  Tuesday is the new Monday.
  20. The grass is greener on the other side… except there’s not a lot of grass at the beach. 
  1.  This Barbie had an amazing long weekend. 
  2.  My calendar is open for more trips. 
  3.  Quick trip to my favorite place and back. 
  4.  I would like to thank the academy for this long weekend. 
  5.  “I just want to stay in that lavender haze.” – Taylor Swift
  6. My favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations. 
  7.  Come on Barbie, let’s go party. 
  8.  Save water, drink wine. 
  9.  This weekend was a movie. 
  10.  This weekend didn’t need a filter.
  11. Snapchat saw it first.
  12. Will never get over this weekend.
  13.  Working on my out-of-office aura. 
  14. Living my best life, one city at a time. 
  15. In love with the mountains. 
  16.  This weekend gets an A+. 
  17.  High-key missed my dog. 
  18.  High-key missed my friends. 
  19.  Want to time-travel back to this weekend. 
  20.  Siri, show me my dream long weekend.
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