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I Tried Freshly For A Week & Here Are My Thoughts

There are so many meal delivery services out there these days and I'm determined to find the best.  Freshly is different than any other meal plan that I’ve tried so far. Freshly offers chef-cooked meals delivered right to your door and all you have to do is heat them up. When I signed up, the first thing I loved was the transparency of the menus, nutrition, and pricing. Other meal services that I’ve seen required me to check out before I could even select my meals. With Freshly, all I had to do was give my email, zip code, and delivery date and then boom. I was free to browse all of the available meals.  

Bonus: Freshly has given our community an *exclusive* discount. Use code HERCAMPUS at checkout or use this link and receive $15 off of your first four boxes. That's $60 in savings—enjoy!

The Meals

The meals are very straight forward and include IG worthy photos that’ll make you want to order them all. Plus, it's all single portions so no more fighting about how gets a bigger piece of lasagna. At a glance, you can see the calories, carbs, and protein for each dish. Clicking on a meal will expand into more detail. You can see a section about what makes this dish special, as well as every ingredient in the meal. Plus, you can filter the types of foods you want to see and the types you don't want to see all with the push of a button.

When my box from Freshly arrived, it came with reusable ice packs and recyclable packaging. I could immediately tell that sustainability and recycling was a top priority for Freshly, which we love in a brand. The meals came individually packaged, they were clearly labeled, and they included a nutrition label. Freshly’s menu definitely measures up when they say “Chef Crafted Meals”. No more eating sad Mac N’ Cheese out of a soggy cardboard bowl.



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The Experience

Every meal from Freshly was equal parts delicious as they were convenient. These meals are well portioned and are made from real ingredients. Each meal takes about 5 minutes to prepare. And when I say "prepare" I literally mean slapping it in the microwave and letting it cool. You can have a real meal that any foodie would be jealous of. It's seriously so simple. The best part is that it comes straight out of the microwave. You can eat these meals straight from the container they come in (like I did). Or you can plate your meal on your finest dinnerware and enjoy the full experience (I see you overachievers out there). Either way, these meals will look great on your food account and will taste as good as they look. 

I tried meals like the Cauliflower-Shell Bolognese, the Sierra Chicken Bowl, and the Super Pesto & Sausage Penne. All of these meals were absolute winners, even if one dish wasn’t my all-time favorite, I loved getting the variety of fresh ingredients and trying new meals I wouldn’t have normally tried. Plus all of these meals beat anything that my boyfriend tries to cook, (but usually ends up burning).

Would I Do It Again?

Overall, I will definitely be continuing my subscription with Freshly. I personally love that they take the guesswork out of things. Now I always have great options for lunch and dinners any night of the week. I am no longer left to eat bleak meals from the freezer aisle that are small portioned and always end up soggy. I still cook, just not as often. That means fewer dishes and more Netflix.

Now let's talk $$$. You can try Freshly for as little as $7.99 per meal, with plans ranging from 4-12 meals per week. While the price per meal is a little higher if you only choose 4 meals. Shipping ranges from $3.99 to $12.11 depending on how many meals you choose. TLDR: It's worth every single penny. 

Maddie was the Social Media Manager of Her Campus. She graduated from Drake University in 2018, where she studied Magazine Journalism and Graphic Design. She's a New York City-based lady and you will most likely find her scrolling on Instagram, wearing a facemask, and/or talking about something pop-culture related. Oh, and she loves breakfast food so much that she named her dog Waffles. Follow Maddie on Instagram!
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