I Tried To Become A Morning Person & Here's What Happened

There are two types of people: morning people and not-so-morning people. I happen to be the latter. As a junior in college, my parents have been encouraging me to practice the whole “adulting” thing, which may include having to learn to wake up early. As a student who has taken EVERY opportunity to not have to be anywhere before at least 10 a.m. (class, work…anywhere), I already knew that this was going to be a challenge. I did a little research on what type of sorcery these “morning people” do every day, and I tried out their techniques for a week. Here’s how it went:


I set my alarm to wake up at 8:15 a.m. each morning. (For you “real” morning people out there, cut me some slack.) I also opened the blinds, included a multi-vitamin and a little breakfast each morning.

Day 1 – Early to Bed, Early to Rise

As a not-so-morning person, it only makes sense that I feel most alive in the evenings and nights. (I was born on a Friday night at 10 p.m., so I was destined for the nightlife.) But if I was going to make it through a week of early mornings, I knew that I needed to get a little more sleep. Instead of starting my bedtime routine around midnight, I decided to prepare myself to go to bed earlier. I began trying to wind myself down around 7 p.m. with dinner, a hot shower and an episode of Say Yes to The Dress. At 10 p.m. I turned my phone on “Do Not Disturb” and I forced my racing mind to sleep. Despite my early bedtime, I still was not ready to face the next morning.

Day 2 - Avoiding The Snooze Button

As a chronic snooze-r, I decided to try waking up the moment the alarm went off. I placed my phone on the opposite side of the room to force me out of bed when the alarm went off. Once I was up, I had to fight the urge to hit snooze anyway and crawl back into my comfortable pillowed fortress. I took a couple of laps around my apartment to help me wake up, but I felt like a grumpy zombie for the rest of the morning (and early afternoon). This “happy morning person” thing definitely cannot be real.

Day 3 – Stretching

On Day Three, I managed to avoid hitting the snooze button again, I decided to try stimulating my muscles with a series of stretches in the bed, and a few standing poses out of the bed. The stretches were helpful in relieving some muscle tension. If anything, hearing my joints pop woke me up a little, but I was still in grumpy zombie mode during the rest of my morning routine.

Day 4 – Morning Workout

As a fitness instructor, I’m no stranger to the benefits of a good workout—including endorphins and an energy boost. I decided to start my Saturday with a little morning workout to help get me going. I prepped for my workout with another series of stretches, and after getting dressed, I decided to take a little jog for a boost. Running into the morning sun did give me a little boost of energy, but I still wasn’t feeling the “happy morning person” aura.

Day 5 – Musical Selection

I read that listening to music during your morning routine could help make the mornings a little peppier. I created a playlist with upbeat music from my favorite artists, and I let it play while I did my morning routine. While I usually have no probably getting turnt to Rihanna, Beyoncé or Drake, I could not muster the energy to shake my hips or sing the lyrics to any song. Again, I started my day as a grumpy zombie. Shortly after making breakfast, I crawled back into bed and took a Lazy Sunday nap.

Day 6 - Coffee

Day Six was definitely a struggle. After hitting snooze THREE times, I finally rolled out of bed, got dressed and dragged myself into Starbucks. As a self-proclaimed coffee-holic, this definitely wasn’t a problem. With coffee in one hand and confidence in the other, I thought it was the perfect way to start the day. The caffeine kept me energized through the first couple hours of work, but my mid-afternoon lecture, I was already missing my extra morning sleep.

Day 7 - Espresso

Day Seven was my last day (thankfully), but I knew I had to take it up a notch. I was definitely failing at this morning person thing, but I had one last trick up my sleeve. So far, drinking coffee had been the most helpful solution so I was taking it into 2.0 mode. After only hitting snooze once, I woke up, got dressed and headed to Starbucks again. When I approached the counter, I nervously yet assertively asked the barista to give me the strongest drink on the menu that wouldn’t kill me. After a ten-minute wait and a little anticipation, I drank a tall Americano with soymilk and four shots of espresso. (Side Note: The barista offered five shots, but I chickened out.) As I walked into work, half way through my drink, it happened. I felt this overwhelming, energetic feeling of being awake before 10 a.m. I had achieved the “happy morning person aura.” I found the secret, and it is indeed espresso.

After a seven-day trial of morning rituals, I learned a lot techniques to take to the mornings better. Also, as a disclaimer, I am not sure that what worked and didn't work for me will be the same for someone else. Overall, my best advice on how to become a morning person from a not-so-morning person: DON’T.

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Lola George is a junior at the University of North Texas, majoring in print journalism with a minor in kinesiology. Lola is also an AFAA certified personal trainer and spin instructor. Upon her graduation, she aspires to be a full-time magazine editor for lifestyle, wellness and beauty. Like Audrey Hepburn, Lola believes in pink. She also believes that sweating is sexy, fitness should be fashionable, and muscles and makeup go hand-in-hand. Lola loves to sweat, shop, take selfies, and exfoliate.

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