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With the school year finishing up in a couple of months, College Decision Day is right around the corner. On this day — May 1, to be exact — all high school seniors finally choose the college they’ll be attending in the fall. And since deciding where you’re going to spend the next four years is a huge deal, it deserves a celebration. This is where the Decision Day bed party comes in. 

A Decision Day bed party is an opportunity to hard-launch where you’re going to college in a very fun way. Who doesn’t love to see where their friends have committed? It’s also a great way to get you feeling excited about your choice, (and see how happy everyone is for you, too). You and your parents can share these photo shoot pics on social media to really take it to the next level. 

You can throw a bed party for yourself, for a friend, a sibling, or anyone, really. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and it’ll work for any school. Feel free to make it your own with personal touches, but if you’re looking for the basics on how to throw a Decision Day bed party, look no further.

Decorate the walls.

An important part of a Decision Day bed party is buying balloons and streamers in the school’s colors. Party City and Amazon have great options. Hang the streamers around the room, and blow up the balloons to tape to the walls and throw all over the bed. Bonus points for getting letter balloons to spell out the school’s initials or the year you’re graduating.

Blankets, blankets, blankets!

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You can never go wrong with including a blanket in your school colors as part of your bed party, especially if it’s actually merch from your school! College dorms are cold sometimes, and blankets are always a great option to stay warm.

Fill the bed with school swag.

Imagine school spirit throwing up on the bed you’re decorating. Fill up all the space on your bed with hats, sweaters, T-shirts, water bottles, you name it. You can find all of these items on your school’s apparel website, or if you’re near campus, try shopping at a local shop!

Add Snacks and drinks to match your school colors.

This one might be the easiest part. Go to your nearest grocery or convenience store to pick up some yummy snacks and drinks that match your school colors. Headed to Bama? Grab some Nacho Cheese Doritos. Duke? Chips Ahoy sounds good. Miami? Airheads!

Get creative!

Finally, have fun with it! There’s a lot of room to get creative and tailor this bed party to the school, and whoever you’re throwing it for. Other fun and useful items to include could be skin care, a bag, shoes, or a phone case. These are just some ideas you can keep in mind while planning. 

Congrats to the class of 2027! This is a big achievement, and you’ll have so much fun at whatever school you attend.

Sabrina Bernard

Queen's U '25

Sabrina Bernard is a writer Her Campus' National Program. She writes lifestyle content on the site, including entertainment, news, and experiences. Beyond Her Campus, Sabrina is heavily involved at her university, where she is an Orientation Coordinator for the largest not-for-profit orientation in Canada, she is the Co-President of the English Department Student Council, and models for her university's Sustainable Fashion club. She also volunteers at the local Animal Shelter when she goes home. Sabrina is currently a junior at Queen's University, majoring in English Literature with a certificate in French. She has also been a panelist at several literary conferences for her works. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys reading, playing with her cat Poppy, and petting every cat she can find on the streets. She's also a huge Modern Family fan and has rewatched the series multiple times.