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4 Gift Ideas For The Friend Who Made Their College Decision

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Spring is the season of new beginnings — and big decisions. Ringing in the spring season also means it’s almost College Decision Day, the day high school seniors will make their choice on where they’ll attend university, whether that school is near home or across the country. So, if you have a friend who made their college decision, they deserve a celebratory gift to commemorate this new phase of life.

Whether they are small gestures or more on the pricey side, getting a gift for a friend to celebrate this occasion is all about the thought and not necessarily the price. In aimlessly scrolling through TikTok, I was able to find tons of meaningful gifts, many of which support small businesses! So, here are four Decision Day gift ideas for you to get a friend who just picked their college.

School-Themed Jewelry

Kyle Cavan is a women-owned, online jewelry store, that crafts beautiful statement pieces with tons of options for colleges. These pieces are customized to match your choice of college, and their most popular pieces are pendants and necklaces representing hundreds of different schools. Base prices for necklaces start at around $100, so if you are on a budget, other bracelets and charms won’t break the bank too much. Kyle Cavan is quickly adding new jewelry to represent different colleges, so don’t worry yet if your school doesn’t show up.

And don’t forget how amazing Etsy is when it comes to personalized jewelry. For example, these personalized university logo pendants are minimalist and adorable, and less than $30.

DIY DEcision Day Basket

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If you want to go the DIY route, making your friend a themed gift basket is sentimental and adorable. The best way to start this gift is to follow a color scheme, like the school’s colors and decorative stickers. The best part about this gift is you can spend as little or as much as you please, plus you’ve got all of the creative freedom in the world.

College Merch

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TikTok is full of small business merch shops with the cutest designs. You can simply search “college merch stores” in TikTok and find tons of stores to pick from! An online store that stood out to me was Recess Apparel — their custom merchandise beats anything you’d find on a college campus store. Their designs include bodysuits, matching sweats, retro sweatshirts, and vintage jackets. If you can’t seem to find any store you like on TikTok, I found many shops on Etsy with colorful embroidered merchandise options!

College Dorm Essentials

Another great way to celebrate a college decision is to help your friend stock up on dorm essentials to get them through their freshman year. These gift ideas can range from everyday items, like toiletries or linens, to dorm decorations and tech devices. Hey, you can even make their day by getting some a bucnh of study snacks! Check out Her Campus’ College Packing List and Spoon University’s College Kitchen Packing List for inspiration on things to buy someone who will be living on a college campus come fall.

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