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How to Perfect Your College Application Essay

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Most college applications require some standard forms about your academic history, transcript, GPA, extracurriculars, letters of recommendations and the essay. The forms are all pretty self explanatory and cover all the basicsnot too bad overall. The essay is a whole different ballgame. 

What if you didn’t get to start your college essays in school and have no clue where to begin? I have something to share with you: EditRevise.

EditRevise is an online service where you can submit your essays for proofreading (for those 2 AM typos) and content/structure editing. So basically it is like having a teacher or professor read over your paper. My favorite feature of EditRevise is the optional six hour editing turnaround. Standard edits take 48 hours, but you can upgrade for a quicker, 6 hour edit time which I found super convenient when I was feeling motivated to keep working nonstop until my essays were done.

EditRevise also has an e-book all about writing college admissions essays if you have general questions that go beyond the draft you’re working on. This e-book, along with their writing resource center, sets them apart from other online editing services. It is about more than fixing grammar; it is about better writing. 

College application essays are a HUGE deal and I hope that students submitting college essays are 100 percent confident in their work. So, why EditRevise? The edits helped my essay show less about the actual situation I was discussing and more about myself and why that situation was significant to my life, shaping my personality etc. Overall they were very specific to my essay and helpful in putting on the finishing touches.

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Jamie is a senior Writing, Literature and Publishing major at Emerson College in Boston, MA. She is the Her Campus Life Editor, a National Contributing Writer, and Campus Correspondent of the Emerson Her Campus chapter. Jamie plans to pursue a career in the magazine industry. See more of her work at: www.jamiemkravitz.com